GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES bit of a sore subject. It’s for our competition users and has been since compliance be- came a thing back in 2017. Many gambling operators don’t permit direct newsletter marketing and that’s fine, we don’t do it. Well, at least we thought what we were doing was fine. Recently an AM refused us access to a program because they said that we do di- rect marketing (SMS/Email). We don’t do either! They then said because we send a newsletter to our competition users we “indirectly” may link a subscriber — who is self-excluded — via our newsletter to our My advice to iGaming affiliates looking to start a newsletter is probably don’t until you’ve checked the terms of every brand you work with. We’ve only really used a newsletter to act as a reminder to folks to revisit our competitions community and keep them updated with what we’re doing. As a monetary tool it’s never been great, but it can be a good way to get people to re-engage with you. Please tell us more about your Pen- nyBingo and Spins. sites. I’d love to say these two sites were doing great but they’re not. They’ve always been back- burner projects and other than a few fleet- ing moments have struggled to get off the ground. Over the years, time has been allo- cated to work on them and something has happened which puts them back. I guess this is where having limited resources goes against us. Also, blood, sweat and tears have been invested in Loquax and we don’t have the same feeling towards the other sites. With the uncertainty over the U.K. market, it’s also hard to get motivated in making any massive changes to either site, overhaul- ing them or investing in them. Operators keep pulling programs, won’t let you on programs, changing commission levels, swapping links, etc. In the end it’s become easier to focus on the main Loquax brand and keep the other two bubbling away may- be for a rainy day. Before compliance we had a couple of other sites, but it was easier to bin them rather than revamp them. Additionally, we had some white label sites and they’ve since been relinquished too. In truth, we probably should have spent more of our time building one brand and doing that well. However, it’s easier to have courage in your conviction when looking back. What would be your advice to some- one who told you that they wanted to try and break into the iGaming affil- iate business? Go for it, but try and be different fromwhat already exists, which can be quite hard to do. Most sites, including ours, are basically welcome offers, reviews and then try and have content unique to get good positions in Google. I’d also suggest focusing on being honest with your visitors site, who may then end up in a bingo/slots section, then see their advert and who may then go to their site. Really? Apparently, we’re meant to scrub our list against GAMSTOP, but they have told us affiliates can’t do this. So we’ve contacted the UKGC for advice and to see if we’re acting in a compliant way. It seems absurd to me that we can’t have a newsletter for a section of our site about stuff that interests them and keep operators happy. But such is life as a U.K. affiliate these days. You spend a lot of time dealing with compliance and these kinds of frustrations in equal measures. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 46