GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

successful affiliate manager, but it’s your personality that will make youmemorable. There aremany things that go into building strong relationships in business, but at the heart of it is being able to effectively com- municate and create solutions to complex challenges. Affiliate management is no different. The most suc- cessful affiliatemanagers know that the key to success is having great relationships with your affiliate partners and doing things the right way consistently. At the end of the day, if you help your affiliate partners become more successful in the program, they will help you be a more successful affiliate manager. In January 2019, MRG was acquired by Wil- liam Hill. How has it benefited the company and your partners? I joined Mr Green in April 2020 when it was already acquired by WilliamHill. The transition has gone smoothly for my colleagues and for me personally. Mr Green has increased its brand awareness and reputation even more and our partners have benefited a lot from the acquisition by WilliamHill, one of the most recognized and trust- ed brands in the global sports betting and gaming market. Our partners can now promote the whole product portfolio of both Mr Green and William Hill brands across multiple GEOs. Mr Green was voted “Online Casino of the Year” at the International Gaming Awards for three consecutive years. Can you explain why the casino has been able to secure these kinds of honors so consistently? Here at Mr Green, we value the customer’s experience, are being pushed to their limits in an attempt to keep up with the market. This suffering quality of games could be detrimental to the industry in 2021. What would be your advice to an affiliate just getting started in the business? Customers respond to honesty. If you’re an affiliate known to give an honest opinion and facts about a casino and sports betting sites, when you give a good review, it will be more trustworthy. On that subject, as well as being honest, it’s vital for the affiliate to be well-in- formed. Testing and tracking information related to customer experience can help a great deal with this. The more data an affiliate gathers on withdrawal methods and reliability, user identification process- es, and general customer care, the more rounded an impression of a site she/he can offer to her/his audience. The affiliates should focus on products/ games that people love. Last but not least, it is very beneficial for affiliates to develop good relationships with the operators and their affiliate managers. There is an obvious benefit in having good relationships with the affiliate managers, to ensure they are sent press releases and given any new information on pro- motions, site changes, new games being added, etc. What are some of the other keys to achieving a successful relationship between affiliate and affiliate manager? Frequent and effective communication is amajor key to cultivate a successful relationship between the affiliate and the affiliateman- ager. The affiliate manager must listen to his affiliates, solve their problems quickly, understand their needs, bring new ideas to the table and provide all the neces- sary resources to help them become more successful. Being professional and understanding the core busi- ness of your affiliates is absolutely critical to being a Being professional and understanding the core business of your affiliates is absolutely critical to being a successful affiliate manager , but it’s your personality that wi ll make you memorable . Illustration by M acrovector/Shutterstock and Cube29/Shutterstock 63 G P W A t i m e s . o r g