GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 49 - April 2021

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES Anastasios Ioannidis More and more markets become regulated, which imposes stricter advertising control and compliance requirements. This, of course, is not convenient neither for the operators nor for the affiliates. Tell us about your typical work day. My typical work day includes communication with affiliates, solving any issues/problems, searching and negotiating new deals, checking and analyzing KPIs of previous day and running the daily/weekly reports for the company. What’s the culture like at you office? William Hill International is a great place to work! There is a high collaboration across the affiliate team and each team member is ready to assist the other members when needed. Every colleague can grow very quickly within the com- pany. It is worthy to mention here the various perks offered by the company: Free food and beverages at the office, fun staff events, friendly environment, learning training programs and sport allowance. Do you gamble? I gamble occasionally and only on major football events such as UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League. What are your other hobbies? What takes up your time when you are not working? I like reading books a lot, traveling and sometimes cooking! What were you like in high school and in your younger days what did you want to be when you grew up? I used to study a lot. In high school, I wanted to learn a lot about economics, marketing and advertising. I remember myself studying the details of every single advertisement in newspapers and magazines! It was obvious for me which direction I wanted to follow when I grew up. What’s your favorite movie? Forrest Gump . If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be? Alexander The Great, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk. Name one thing that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. I am big fan of Olympiakos F.C., the Greek football team of Piraeus. above all else. Our dedication to responsible gam- ing and our focus on entertainment has won us many industry awards, including IGA Online Ca- sino Operator of the Year for three consecutive years. We keep a fair, but fun, approach to casino entertainment, which has been proven to be hugely popular among our customers. How does Mr Affiliate work to retain play- ers sent by affiliates? Our CRM department runs amazing promotions constantly for all of our customers which aim to keep the customer ex- perience as fun and as fair as possible across the whole journey! How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you both professionally and personally? COVID-19 has, of course, affected me both pro- fessionally and personally. Despite the remote work and the continuity of the business, I feel that we have somehow lost the natural communication with our colleagues. Personally, I cannot do the same things that I used to do before (meeting friends, going out, etc.). Hopefully this will finish soon and everything will be back to normal! What do you most like about the iGaming industry? What do you dislike or what bothers you most about the industry? I like to see how the industry has been changing across the years and how technology has been impacting the business dramatically. I am really very excited to see what’s next! Here at Mr Green , we value the customer’s experience , above all else . . . We keep a fair , but fun , approach to casino entertainment, which has been proven to be hugely popular among our customers . The most successful affiliate managers know that the key to success is having great relationships with your affiliate partners and doing things the right way consistently. At the end of the day, if you help your affiliate partners become more successful in the program, they will help you be a more successful affiliate manager. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 64