GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 50 - August 2021

Late last year, BetWinner partnered with ESPN Brazil’s flagship SportsCenter program. The company is also the exclusive sponsor of OneLife Rally. How do these types of deals benefit the company and its affiliates? Any sponsorship and partnership has repercussions in the affiliation market. The brand awareness created by these partnerships makes the brand more visible and appealing. We have Roberto Carlos as our Ambas- sador for LATAM until the end of the 2022 World Cup. Now we have buses in São Paulo completely covered with our brand and Roiberto Carlos. We did a sponsorship with FC Karpaty Lviv from Ukraine. We had an extended partnership for a sports radio program in Nigeria, Brila FM, which was a success. We have more news that will come out soon that the pandemic has delayed, so stay tuned to BetWinner! Sports betting will not launch in Brazil until 2022. Why has BetWinner focused on this market? My personal taste for Brazil comes from afar and my passion for football and “the land of samba,” which I cultivated as a commentator on to combine areas that I have studied in and like, such as communications, marketing and sports, with a business vision, makes iGaming an area that has everything. How do you think the iGaming affiliate busi- ness will change in next three to five years? The iGaming industry has already shown its ability to adapt easily. The pandemic was one of those ways, which made marketing more targeted and further demonstrated the value of the affiliation market and its effectiveness. It is an industry that is continually growing and finding innovative ways to protect its customers’ pleasure. The industries are often thinking about providing new platforms and services or changing regulations to comply with gambling laws. It is always easier to access through good mobile platforms, which adjusts to the needs of the customers. Strong regulations, such as in Spain, which pro- hibits almost 90% the possibility of advertising and sponsorship with clubs, made the market become global, opting clubs to be partners in other geos and becoming more global. In the future, I see an industry working more in virtual reality, facial and voice recognition and acting as pragmatic marketing with cloud gaming, which allow access to iGaming like we have with movies and music. And, obviously, Blockchain currencies . The only job that can bring everything together is the affiliation, as it is already the present of iGaming and in the future it will be even more, with the sales, SEO and marketing going in the affiliation direction. What would be your advice to someone just starting to get into the iGaming affiliate busi- ness? Be patient with results. Know your geo and have knowledge of sales and SEO. Research and research. Basically, know the target market and don’t get distracted. YouTube and Instagram are good search tools and resources. The rest is traffic. What should affiliates know about BetWin- ner Affiliates in order to effectively market its brands? Basically, what they need is to have the notion that they can bring us traffic. The rest we solve very efficiently: help in the creation of designs, real-time statistics and no admin fees. We provide weekly payments and we have amazing partner support. The pandemic has made us think of ways to reach our target market s in another way and try to take advantage of the opportunities isolation has brought . . . Many companies, like us, are reinventin g themselves , developing and implementing new promotions fo r their platforms . . . The important thing is not to stand still . Follow t he change and be creative . Be patient with results . Know your geo and have knowledge of sale s and SEO . Researc h and research . Basically, know the target market an d don’t get distracte d . 6 5 G P W A t i m e s . o r g