GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2021

7 How and when do they pay commissions? The commission structure should be transparent prior to any deals are being made. CPA, revenue share, hybrid and tenancy are the typical agreements that are put in place. All can be negotiated and agreed alongside the payment terms and dates with your affiliate manager. Make sure they have the right cost effective payment solutions in place that support your business. Nobody wants to be penalized with FX or admin fees, cutting a percentage of your earnings before you’ve ever received it! 8 How do they handle player complaints? It’s not unusual that an affiliate may get a complaint regarding an operator they are advertising. It could be a general complaint regarding their experience with the brand – or it could be something specific to an exclusive offer you are promoting on their behalf. When that happens, you need to make sure your own brand is protected, and the complaint is dealt with immediately. As such, make sure you have an appropriate contact in place to do that effectively. 9 How open are they to working with you to grow your affiliate business? If you are performing well for an operator, then there is no reason they wouldn’t want to help you grow your brand and build a stronger reputation. As part of initial discussion, you should explore what scope there is for getting them involved in helping you grow your affiliate business. This could be by providing you with testimonials, backlinks or invites to exclusive events at conferences. Don’tmake promises youcan’t keep. This industry is small andwe all talk at some point or another. It’s important to have a long termcommitment to relationshipbuilding as thatwill helpyour business to keep growingorganically, too. 25 G P W A t i m e s . o r g