GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2022

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES Denis Nikishin Royal Partners Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did you grow up? I am from Russia. I was born and raised in Moscow. In my eyes, this city has, first of all, insane energy. I love to feel life around me, when everything is in full swing. I love the modern world with its crazy speed. That’s why I feel right at home in iGaming — it has the same crazy rhythm and immense prospects. Please tell us more about your work background and how you found your way into the iGaming industry. I took my first steps into the iGaming industry as an affiliate marketer. Back in 2014 during an event, I met this guy who just came home after living in Thailand for three years. I asked him about his work and he told me all about affiliate marketing, a topic I knew almost nothing about. I never even heard of it. I started looking into the topic and it got me hooked. Tried my luck as an affiliate, but didn’t quite work out, at first. That’s why I joined a team and learned the ropes. Back then, we were driving traffic to Nutra offers. I wanted more stability, so I began to study the market from the other side, tried myself as an affiliate manager. Thanks to my traffic-driving experience, it was much easier for me to understand our partners. I knew exactly what worried them since I was preoccupied by the same thing. Then I became a senior and a head of affiliates. Back then, Nutra was a top-tier vertical, but in a couple of years it started to burn out and actively cede ground to gambling. I wanted to keep growing, which is why I switched over to gambling. That’s how I joined Royal Partners. What has surprised you most about working in the iGaming industry? The payouts were what surprised me the most, since gambling offers have the highest ROI. I was surprised by the number of nuances you need to keep in mind to drive traffic to gambling offers successfully. With Nutra, we drove traffic from Facebook via a direct link. Here, many affiliates use apps to bypass moderation. I had to learn how to do all that, but I was more captivated than frightened. Please tell us about your typical work day. A huge number of tasks that need to be urgently solved. My standard tasks are traffic-volume analytics, working with top partners and working with affiliate managers. Each task requires an individual approach. Illustrations by PureSolution/Shutterstock G P W A t i m e s . o r g 64