GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 52 - March 2022

What are some things affiliates can do to help retain players? Try to interact with the player after they register and make their first deposit. For example, if the traffic is coming from a mobile app, push notifications are a great choice. If we talk about SEO platforms, social media works great with them. This is more a job for the business itself and its retention system. Royal Partners promotes four casino brands – FRESH, JET, SOL and ROX. Please explain what makes these brands attractive to players and how each one is unique. We don’t just promote SOL, JET, FRESH and ROX, we created them. These are our own projects — four licensed online casinos with a huge following around the world! With partners, for example, there’s no one-size-fitsall cooperation model. That’s why we offer our partners several models of cooperation to choose from. In iGaming, there are no standard approaches at all. In order to stay on top, you have to constantly test out new ones. What’s the office culture like at Royal Partners? There are no restrictions here. We are always open to new ideas, so we try to diversify the corporate culture. For example, this past summer we rafted 15 km in kayaks. We have a winter company synthwave party. Royal Partners is about versatile people and for the people. What are the keys to a beneficial working relationship between an affiliate manager and an affiliate? On the part of the advertiser, to provide favorable working conditions. As for the webmaster, to drive high-quality traffic. Also, you must be able to make concessions and find common ground for controversial matters. The Royal Partners team isn’t just a dev and promo section and a bunch of affiliate managers and all those who are physically in the office. These are partners all over the world with whom we are constantly in touch with since we’re all in the same boat. And if all parties think of each other as teammates, that’s how you get such impressive results. In iGaming, there are no standard approaches at all. In order to stay on top, you have to constantly test out new ones. We attach great importance to retention, because we are focused on longterm relationships with customers. Also, we value and respect the work of our partners. Their leads stay with us and they stay satisfied. 65 G P W A t i m e s . o r g