GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 53 - July 2022

Your core company is an iGaming content agency where you service other affiliates. Please tell us more about this business model and how it has worked out for your company. Yes, that is true. I have a slightly different path than other true affiliates. I realized early on that I was REALLY GOOD at the content side of affiliate marketing. But as we all know, that only makes up a part of the qualities needed to be a successful affiliate. Converting that content into signups and players was my downfall. So I took a different approach and created an agency to help service other affiliates through content. I doubled down on what I did best, and have built a team of 80+ writers that now focus on sports, sports betting and other iGaming content. It’s been amazing to serve other affiliates through content for nearly 20 years now. But you also operate affiliate sites as well, correct? Yes, we do! As mentioned above, being an affiliate is secondary to my content agency. But, I like to say I’ve spent my life auditing good writers. We are always trying out new writers and giving them a chance to join our team. We developed a network of sites (called the Sports 2.0 Network), with the sole purpose of using it as a “training ground” for my writers and team. Once that network started gaining traffic, I decided to also implement some of the affiliate marketing techniques I’d learned over the years to monetize a bit of the traffic on these sites. It’s still secondary, but it’s a lot of fun. Your affiliate sites are exclusive to the U.S. sports betting market. Please tell us how your company and business strategy has changed since PASPA was abolished in 2018. I made the conscious decision to focus heavily on the U.S. market. Being that I live in the United States and love everything about U.S.-facing sports, this was an easy decision for me to make. Back before 2018, I was very shy about talking about what I did. But since PASPA was abolished, I now scream from the rooftops about being in the sports betting Content is still king. Without it, affiliates can’t get traffic. Without traffic, no one is able to sign up for your offers. Without people signing up for offers, you aren’t an affiliate . . . It all begins with GREATCONTENT. From there, you have to be able to put the right SEO in place to get that content to rankwell for the keywords you are targeting. 49 G P W A t i m e s . o r g