GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 54 - November 2022

To a brand wanting to build a community, I recommend you always be ready for change and increase your communication skills between brand and audience. You need to be able to adapt and change your product, your strategy and your goals after your community member’s requests. If you are to be successful in converting traffic to sales, it’s crucial to be open to feedback from fans on all aspects, as they are the consumers spending time engaging with you to better your product for THEM. Another essential factor to consider is that a community is a fanbase that doesn’t need to be managed. The members need to feel included to invest in your product, and this task (making members feel like they belong) has proven to be the biggest hurdle that content creators encounter when trying to build communities. Brands acknowledging fans and followers in content is always successful. Still, statistics show that the best strategy for building communities is to identify your key members and give them important community roles –not employing members, but engaging them in the brand. We can take a successful community strategy as an example from Minecraft, an open-world game that allows users to build anything they want in pixels. About a decade ago, a Pokémon world quickly grew into one of the most visited There are plenty of opportunities for brands to generate more revenue streams as early adaptors to the content creator economy, but in 2023, affiliates and operators will face the biggest challenge of converting followers to communities. LAND OF OPPORTUNITY G P W A t i m e s . o r g 18