GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 54 - November 2022

worlds in the game of Minecraft, thanks to their strategy to build a community. To do this, the creators of the Pokémon world started to reward regular visitors with “chores.” Some community members were asked to guard the entrance doors, some were tasked with developing new Pokémons, and others were tasked with building new training areas in their metaverse. With each community member being trusted with a responsibility to help the product, each member also found their purpose and belonging to the brand. With the continued digitalization, we have started to see traffic on social media that can be compared to traffic we could see frommedia buying about a decade ago. Today, consumers have endless entertainment options through streaming networks like Netflix and HBO. Combined with regulations making marketing across jurisdictions more complex, traditional TV and radio channels don’t give the same value to brands as they used to. However, slot games are now one of the top streaming categories on Twitch. By building communities on Twitch, the biggest streamers like Roshtein and Trainwreckstv can generate millions of views and dollars every month with forward-thinking operators and affiliates. Many times, what works for marketing on social media in 2022 is building a community on honesty and being authentic. No one has missed ordinary everyday people going viral on TikTok, and gone are the days when influencers emerged on Instagram by making everything look perfect. Instead, in 2022, we have seen a rising trend with the app BeReal, where users have a limited time to post no-filter pictures from their regular day from both front and back cameras so nothing can be hidden or changed. In 2023, digital trends are expected to be original content that feels even more real. We need to create realistic content to connect a digital community because a brand’s trustworthiness drives sales. Essentially, for these followers to become community members, they will need to trust the brand with their money, and they won’t do that unless they feel that the brand is authentic and genuine. Users in 2022 don’t just do a simple Google search to find out which casino is the best. They read bonus forum threads on Reddit, watch player reviews on YouTube, slot streams on Twitch, discuss strategies on Discord and upload their wins to Facebook or TikTok. The more brand awareness created for your digital footprint, the better—and early adaptors to this shift in community building will gain the largest market share in new gold rush markets like the U.S. Although we at focus solely on legal and safe betting, research has proven that American gamblers can’t identify the differences between legal and illegal operations. Goldman Sachs reported in 2021 that the most important factor when selecting a betting operator for U.S. sportsbook players is firstly convenience, but secondly, brand awareness. This report means that bettors in the U.S. will still pick the most recognizable brands even if you don’t have the best product on the market. Without a community driving engagement and brand awareness, operators will soon begin to struggle in the future creator economy that is soon to come. What’s your plan? Catie Di Stefano is the Director of Community Marketing for In the last 11 years, she has been working with brands such as Hard Rock Atlantic City, GiG and Betsson, to name a few. Thanks to earlier partnering with Hard Rock, she has a vendor license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement to operate in New Jersey as a marketing consultant. Catie also co-founded, which specializes in helping the iGaming and cannabis industries with VIP management, CRM, and marketing. What differentiates a follower from a community member is the feeling of belonging. You might have thought that with the increased digitalization of our lives, we would have decreased our emotions like robots, but these emerging trends have proven to be the opposite. 19 G P W A t i m e s . o r g