GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 54 - November 2022

Theratman much to do, and every city has something different to offer. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? I’m going with some characters I find interesting from history, not because I admire them, Obama, Roosevelt, Mandela, Napoleon, Einstein. Quite a strange mix. Name three things that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. 1. I have two cats, two dogs, and a lot of messed-up furniture. 2. I think pineapple on pizza is OK. 3. I’m a long-suffering Newcastle United fan. I guess. I need more hobbies that take me out of the house. I travel toGermany and stay there for several months a year as my son lives there. So, it’s tough to find a hobby that I can do consistently. I love fishing, the ocean, food, and wine. I’m trying to get back into photography, too. If someone were visiting you for 24 hours and had never been to South Africa, where would you bring them and why? They’d have to visit Cape Town during summer. I’d recommend a morning trip to the Winelands, followed by a trip up Table Mountain, and then dinner at the V&A Waterfront. There’s so trustworthy and have been amazing to work with. Outside of those, it’s a bit of a Wild West, and some hard lessons have been learned. For us, a working relationship is important, as is honesty, and being paid, something which, unfortunately, is a rare quality with local operators. If a 23-year-old friend of yours told you he or she wanted to start an iGaming affiliate website tomorrow, what advice would you give to them? Funny that you ask! I’m actually helping a 21-year-old with some advice and tips at the moment, and I’ve also helped another young man build a $3,000 a month income from his sites. I’m always open to helping others, I don’t see them as competitors, rather as someone looking for a chance to get into the industry. My advice is don’t stress the details. Don’t be scared to ask for advice, and start publishing content. Once you’ve got a few under your belt you can worry about more of the technical things like design, optimization and so on. The first year is the hardest, but once you’ve started and put the work in you should see success. There’s an old proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Tell us about your GPWA member name, Theratman. Where did it originate? Is there a story behind it? I once wrestled a wild rat with my bare hands . . . kidding! It was from my youth, we were sitting at a lake (not quite sober) and a friend was telling the group a story in the dark about the complex rat social structures and such, like a campfire ghost story scene. It ended with him shouting there’s a rat right there, pointing in my general direction, which made me jump and fall over. There was no rat, and after that, I was called Ratman. Fortunately, it’s no longer in use! What are your hobbies? What takes up your time when you are not working? Listening to audio books. My Audible app gets a lot of use, and I enjoy listening to history and I go through a book or two a month. Watching sport is also a hobby, Images by Deyan Denchev/Shutterstock, Sina Ettmer Photography/Shutterstock, sweet marshmallow/Shutterstock Sports players generally don’t trust the casino games, in my experience, and don’t spend too much on them. However, casino players we find are happy to cross over and play horses and soccer. 45 G P W A t i m e s . o r g