GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 54 - November 2022

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES a new product. In LatAm, the market is different. One license covers almost all major geos. That’s why we decided to come up with a name so that any resident of South America can easily remember it. According toyourwebsite, IguanaAffiliateswas founded by a “team of professionals that has been in thegambling industry for over 20years.” Please tell usmore about the leadership at the company and how it has benefitted you as an affiliate manager as well as the affiliates you partner with. Yes, it’s true. The idea to create our own productcametoourCEOandCMO.OurCEOhasbeen inthe industry forover20yearsandwasacasinoPMback in the 2000s. The market was completely different back then, but themethods of promotion remained the same. This helped us a lot, since at the beginning we did not have the experience of promoting the product from scratch. He was able to correctly focus on tasks, what is needed first and what can be left for later. He was also able to involve his connections and gave us good contractors who could quickly complete the layout and design. Another plus I can highlight is the connections among the affiliate sphere. We were able to immediately invite strong affiliates who immediately began to bring traffic to our product. At the moment, we see a steady and confident growth, the pace of which would be much weaker if not for this experience. Your brand’s sportsbook,, just launched in April 2022. What makes it attractive to both players and affiliates? The situation with igubet is not simple enough, because, if we take the betting market, it completely differs from gambling. And many big companies have already occupied the market. It is difficult to compete with giants such as bet365 or Unibet. Another difficulty is the template of sportsbooks from SoftSwiss. If the casino can be uniquely flexible enough, then all SoftSwiss betting is the same, only the colors and the content with bonuses change slightly. Therefore, in addition to major companies, it is necessary to compete with three to four “twins.” Developing such a sportsbook is difficult, but possible. To do this, we are constantly improving. In April, we had one language (English). Then, in August, we translated it into 21 languages, including Chinese, Korean and Thai. budgets 20-30 times more, which, of course, I really like, because I’m trying to get good results, and not look for a place that I just have enough money for. Tell us about the Iguana name and the brand’s logo. Where did this idea come from and why do you think it works? At the very beginning, we thought about which market we should enter. Of course, Europe is a very rich market, but the competition is quite high, and most countries have their own licenses, which are quite expensive and difficult to obtain when launching G P W A t i m e s . o r g 60