GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 55 - February 2023

American author John C. Maxwell says, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” This issue’s affiliate interviewees “AVC-Invest” and “MJM” would agree, and even more so in the world of iGaming. Despite being in the industry for two totally different durations, each interviewee understands that in order to survive and succeed in the iGaming world they must keep their ears to the ground and roll with the ebbs and flows of SEO. In the following pages, you’ll read about their similar beliefs on networking, their different strategies on volume of sites, and a personal similarity between the two. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES How long have you been involved in the iGaming affiliate business? I have worked in iGaming as an affiliate since 2019. Prior to that I dabbled as an affiliate with some social media accounts, but started my own site back in 2019. I knew very little about SEO and website building when I started out, and learned as I went along. I’ve held many jobs previously, and looking back, I am glad I have experience in working in many different industries. I have worked in finance, car sales, direct marketing, tele-sales and many more. Are you a full-time affiliate or is this a side gig? It feels like a full-time job; however, I do have a regular 9-5 job in finance. Robert Alexander - AVC-Invest Living by a motto that requires persistent preparation, “AVC-Invest” manages to juggle20 iGaming affiliate sites whileworking a full-time finance job, raising a family and playingpoker Intro image by Maxx-Studio/Shutterstock Loves ‘Victory Preparation’ G P W A t i m e s . o r g 40