GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 55 - February 2023

However, I need to remember I am just one person, with a full-time job and family! Right now, I have around 20 iGaming websites, but this is really challenging on a daily basis, as you only have a certain amount of time. I try and prioritize my workload in my diary, with most important issues being picked up first, if something needs to be done, I don’t mind putting 10 hours in front of the computer to get it completed. In the future, if I could secure a full-time job in the iGaming industry that would be great, as I love the industry and I’m a huge fan of sports betting, casino and poker. I believe this is what has helped me stay motivated when, for example, I have to work long hours or when I have to resolve an issue. (one of your sites) is dedicated to poker. Do you have a history as a pro or amateur poker player? I’m very passionate about poker. I started playing a few years ago and I’m mainly an online player. My preference is to play tournaments, but often find myself playing cash games as it is a struggle to dedicate so much time to playing in a tournament with a young family. I plan on continuing playing, and I still study poker away from the tables to help improve my game. I did manage to satellite into the largest online tournament I have ever played a few months ago, the Venom, with a $2,650 entry fee. Unfortunately, I didn’t cash in that tournament, but you have got to be in it to win it! How does the online poker market vertical compare to the casino games vertical these days? I do find poker players a lot easier to convert than casino. I believe this comes down to poker players’ willingness to test out new sites in an attempt to find good games, whereas casino players may not complete the conversion, due to the hassle of registering a new account, and stick with one of the major casino/sportsbooks sites they’re already signed up to. As a poker affiliate, I would say that I am looking for serious poker players, who play During a typical week, I can be working anywhere between five and 35 hours on my websites. I work on the majority of the sites on my own, and have one other person who helps out. I also have other affiliate websites, which are outside of the iGaming sector and also help generate some additional streams of income. You have more than 20 different sites up and running. How do you manage so many sites on a regular basis? What are some of your daily challenges? Yes, I have created a problem of my own making, . I love finding expired domains, using my creativity in developing a new site, like the website I recently launched: I, like many others, have been ill prepared and have failed on some things at some point in life . . . If you are going to do something, make sure you have prepared well, and consider variables that could go wrong, and you will be best placed for success. 41 G P W A t i m e s . o r g