GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 55 - February 2023

AVC-Invest watch a lot of football – I am a long-suffering Manchester United fan! As I touched on earlier, I play poker online. If someone were visiting you for 24 hours and had never been to Glasgow where you live, where would you bring them and why? Most likely I would take them to Loch Lomond. It is a well-known beauty spot in Scotland close to my home town, where you can go hill walking, camping, etc. and would let them see the area at its best. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? There are a lot of people I would like to invite, but in no particular order: WilliamShakespeare, Sir IsaacNewton, Thomas Edison, Julius Caesar and Albert Einstein. Name three things that people reading this magazine don’t know about you. 1. I was on a TV commercial many years ago as an extra (this is my claim to fame). 2. Cape Town is my home-away-fromhome since I have a South African wife. It is a beautiful place, and I really love a good braai. 3. I’ve never had a pet before, but we now have a Cocker Spaniel puppy called Mylo . . . these are challenging times! How do you decide on which affiliate programs to work with? What have you learned over the years about picking and choosing the right affiliate programs for your sites? I like to work with as many reputable operators as possible. When I initially started out as an affiliate, one of the main programs I promoted was BGO Entertainment, promoting four of their brands/sites. However, with them closing in October 2021, I lost all those lifetime customers and revenue. Reflecting upon this, I should have registered with more programs initially. Although it may be time consuming, working with many operators and programs is a sound strategy. When you were growing up, what profession did you dream about getting into? I played a lot of sports when I was young. The first sport I fell in love with was golf. I often dreamt about being the next Nick Faldo, but alas, I had the desire but not the talent or temperament. What else takes up your time when you are not working? I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling, as well as listening to my audio books. I’m a huge sports fan. I like UFC, boxing, golf and I Like many affiliates, my strategy is to publish good quality content, and build up backlinks, but this takes time. Time spent on SEO can vary week-by-week, but on average at least a few hours a week. SEO is something I am super focused on. Please tell us the story behind or the significance of your GPWA username “AVC-Invest.” AVC is an abbreviation for “Amat Victoria Curam,” which is Latin for “Victory Loves Preparation.” I, like many others, have been ill prepared and have failed on some things at some point in life. So, with this motto, if you are going to do something, make sure you have prepared well, and consider variables that could go wrong, and you will be best placed for success. If a 25-year-old friend of yours told you he or she was going to try and become a full-time iGaming affiliate, what would your reaction and advice be? I would ask for a copy of their business plan. I would want to know their USP and what their strategy is on generating traffic/ customers. I would review the details and my reaction would purely be based on the quality of the plan and their enthusiasm for being an iGaming affiliate. But my best advice would be to register with GPWA! 43 G P W A t i m e s . o r g