GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 55 - February 2023

to the goal we want to achieve. The market you are targeting also plays an important role. Let’s say the sports players in the U.K. are completely different from those in Mexico. Or casino players in Greece are divided into categories that play only fruit machines, only roulette or only blackjack, for example. Whereas let’s say in Italy they go in to play casino and they start with fruit machines and end up playing baccarat. In terms of acquisition, we certainly see a higher volume of casino players, but at the end of the day a large percentage of themwill also place a bet, or vice versa. Is there a lot of cross over between casino players and sports bettors and, if so, what should affiliates do in order to take advantage? My experience so far has shown me that if someone gambles, they will play both products at some point. The bettor who bets will definitely play slots or a little blackjack at some point. Few are the ones who choose only one product. What we do is to make sure that we provide choices and offers for all players. Evenmore personalized offers depending on the player’s profile. What the affiliates must do for their part is create content for both products. How does Novi Affiliates help its partners position themselves tomaximize profitability? We provide all the tools an affiliate needs tomake a profit. The affiliate platformwe use provides everything. We have ongoing support for everything the affiliate needs and, of course, our work doesn’t end when we close the deal. In cooperation with the CRM department, we analyze players and focus on retention. What are the keys to a beneficial working relationship between an affiliate manager and an affiliate? The key to a good working relationship is honesty and consistency. The goal is to make a profit for both parties. So, I make sure to provide the affiliate with all the tools, continuous support and I expect professionalism and consistency in return. I hate ghosting. When someone disappears and doesn’t answer you after a deal it automatically shows you the quality of their work. Things here are simple. We pay someone to bring us clients and promote our brand. So, I just expect him to do that. He expects to get paid, so I make sure I’m consistent in my payments. AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES I firmly believe that what you learn on the job you can’t learn at a university. If you don’t see in practice how the system works, if you don’t make mistakes, if you don’t fail, you won’t succeed later. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 66