GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 57 - November 2023

One of this issue’s affiliate interviewees wanted to run his own restaurant, café or bar, while the other wanted to be a crime-fighting computer superhero. And, while neither have attained their childhood dreams, both “efialtis” and “johan_s” agree that their starts in the customer service industry have really shaped their careers in the iGaming world. Each interviewee also believes that adaptability, patience and a thirst for more knowledge of the strategies, tricks and emerging trends helps them stay on top of their games in this dynamic field. In the following pages, you’ll also read about how SEO is of the utmost importance to their success as well as a few personal differences between the two. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES You have a background that includes sales, engineering, insurance, WordPress and SEO. How did this lead you into the iGaming affiliate industry? I started my career in customer service and sales, which taught me a lot about understanding what people want. Later, I worked as an insurance advisor, which was all about helping clients make the right choices. In my spare time, I really got really into the online world and wanted to learn how Google ranked websites, so I learned about WordPress and SEO. Using what I learned, I built websites like and from the ground up. My interest in online gaming started when I discovered odds matching and bonus hunting. From there, I made a website that helped people earn money with odds matching. This led me to create other websites focusing on casino games in Canada, South Africa and Nigeria. After selling those websites, I used that money to create new ones, and that’s how and came to be. How did those past experiences help you as an affiliate? My past experiences in customer service and sales really shaped how I approach the affiliate industry. In those roles, I learned how to listen to people and understand what they’re looking for. This has been crucial in understanding what users want from the websites I’ve built. Working as an insurance advisor taught me the importance of trust and transparency, which are key in the affiliate world. When people visit my sites, they need to trust the Johan S. - johan_s Fromsales to iGaming, “johan_s” reveals how a multifacetedcareer path has led to success in the affiliatemarketingworld Intro image by VECTOzaVR/Shutterstock Odyssey An iGaming G P W A t i m e s . o r g 52