GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 7 - January 2009

60 GPWA Times | “Affiliates know what works best with their players, and we are happy to oblige with exclusive offers, creatives, and promotions. We believe that affiliates are business partners and treat them as such.” GRANT COOK | CommissionWarehouse Commission Warehouse rep- resents one brand – Players Palace Casino – at the mo- ment. What are the advantag- es to working with an affiliate program that is focused on a single brand? I think the most important thing is, as you men- tioned, focus. Our energy and resources are not spread across multiple brands and offers. This allows us to give greater attention to detail when it comes to market- ing materials, Web site appear- ance and content, and exclusive offers and creative materials that our affiliates may require. We of- fer all of this in English, French, German, and Ital- ian so while it all falls under Players Palace Casino we actually have four brands under one. That said, you can rest assured that all of our focus and ef- forts are where they should be 24/7! Players Palace Ca- sinohas gone a dif- ferent route than most other sites when it comes to sign-up bonuses. The casino gives players a “free” $2,000 bankroll for 60 minutes. And whatever the winnings are (up to $200), the casino will match it. Why did Players Palace Casino settle on this offer, rather than the traditional no-deposit or de- posit-matching sign-up bonus? When deciding on our sign-up of- fer we put careful consideration into what would work best for our affiliates and give players the best and most attractive introduction to our casino. With the majority of casinos offering the standard 100% match offer we thought it was extremely important to dif- ferentiate ourselves. The reaction to our $2,000 no-deposit offer has been phenomenal. Players get the opportunity to experience our casino, and to maximize their bonus before making a purchase. Through this offer we get huge numbers of registering players, who get exposure to our casino. Our custom-built, behavior-driven conversion system then kicks in, leading to far greater numbers of purchasing players than you would get with the standard offers. What distinguishes Players Palace Casino from other on- line casinos? Apart from our fantastic product offering, being a Microgaming casino with over 350 games, we put a huge amount of effort and importance into our customer entertainment and ser- vice. This is one area where, with the correct approach and dedica- tion, it is possible to distinguish ourselves from all the other ca- sinos out there. Apart from our proactive retention efforts and fantastic promotions, we make it as simple as possible for players to get in touch with us. We have 24/7 international toll-free num- bers, live chat, and email support. Every player is treated like a VIP, and receives immediate and thor- ough responses. We even encour- age players to get in touch with us to let us know how they would like to be rewarded for their play in our casino, and tailor make our rewards and loyalty program for players on an individual basis. What distinguishes Commis- sion Warehouse from other affiliate programs? We have a fantastic affiliate team with years of experience in the industry, but most importantly, huge enthu- siasm for what we do. We have dedicated affiliate managers for all our affiliates, and strive to build not only great business rela- tionships, but lasting friendships with our marketing partners. Our affiliates are never grouped by performance, as we endeavor to treat all of our partners according to their particular needs, and pro- vide them with the individualistic support that they deserve. Affili- ates know what works best with their players, and we are happy to oblige with exclusive offers, creatives, and promotions. We believe that affiliates are business partners and treat them as such. What’s the most difficult part of your job? Monday mornings! Every other obstacle pales into in- significance. What’s the most exciting part of your job? Meeting new affili- ates and getting to know them. It is unbelievably exciting start- ing new marketing partnerships and watching the results from our combined efforts. It’s great watching affiliates’ commission payments growing substantially on a month-to-month basis as a direct result of different things we try. Trust is often cited as one of the critical components of suc- cessful relationships between affiliates and affiliate pro- grams. How do you go about establishing trust with your affiliates? Trust is something that is earned with time and ef- fort, but can be lost in the blink of an eye! I think honest intentions and truthful communication are absolutely essential to build trust in any environment, and particu- larly in our industry. My hope from affiliates is that they will al- ways be open and honest with me in return. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings that 99% of the time are completely avoidable. A true and lasting re- lationship is not possible without regular and honest communica- tion. Besides trust, what are the keys to building successful relationships between affili- ates and affiliate programs? Teamwork, dedication, and fast Affiliate Manager Interview Series