GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

FROM THE GPWA FORUMS Some of the most informative discussions in the GPWA forums include posts by both affiliates and affiliate managers. In fact, this interaction is a critical part of the community. And a great example of it can be found in these excerpts from the discus- sion about free spin bonuses. 20 pumacat Time to end this free spin nonsense 14th-February-2009, 02:43 AM #1 ( permalink ) I think the attempt to get new players to sign up and deposit via the “$1000 free and one hour to win as much as you can” is just about over. As an affiliate, I no longer promote such deals because it reduces my credibility as a webmaster. Basically, I’m being asked to fool my visitors into thinking that they can actually win something for nothing. I love watching forum owners run and post these free play promos like they are something special. The players have caught on to the invalid promotions and IMO posting them is only hurting webmasters. Microgaming casinos as an example have shown what false advertising is all about. Here is a random casino offering this type of promo.. Quote: Lucky Nugget Casino - $1000 free & 1 hour At the end of the Free Play Period and subject to the limits imposed below, any positive balance over and above the Free Play Credits will be considered a Player’s winnings (“Positive Free Play Credits”) and may be transferred into a Player’s Real Account once a Player makes the minimum Casino Credit # deposit therein. So, for example, if at the end of the Free Play Period a player has 1050 or more Free Play Credits standing to his/her credit, he/she may transfer 50 Positive Free Play Credits to his/her Real account or if he/she has 2000 Free Play Credits standing to his/her credit, he/she may transfer 50 Positive Free Play Credits and any positive balance over and above the same shall become null and void for any purpose. 1 Doolally 14th-February-2009, 04:12 AM #2 ( permalink ) I agree, I never promoted these types of offers. A bonus offer is one thing but these are just cons that dupe players into playing with the offer of something that’s unobtainable. 2 WagerX 14th-February-2009, 08:53 AM #5 ( permalink ) I don’t want to fool players into playing. What kind of long- term player are they going to be? I’m sure they get a lot of complaints about that. That’s bad word of mount advertising. When I post the bonuses for ANY casino I always make sure to let them know not only what the wagering requirements are but also the games that exclude or modify these requirements. 3 AmCan 14th-February-2009, 09:18 AM #3 ( permalink ) I’ve always wondered why not just be more honest? How about: “Play Free for 1 Hour, Win $100” or “Pad Your Bonus! - 1 Hour Freeplay” Statements like this are more honest and still push the “free prize”. Basically you shouldn’t be pitching something that isn’t going to be given. I remember the old days of $10 free, but most rules excluded most table games. Why not say “$10 free slot play” instead of just “$10 free” 4 TheGooner 14th-February-2009, 08:32 PM #8 ( permalink ) Agree that these bonuses appear to be misleading. I think that marketing types like the offer because they can put a big headline number on the banner - WOW $500 FREE - POW $1000 FREE etc. But I do not think that these marketing people are people that play at online casinos - if they were they would understand that advertising $500, $1000 free and limiting winnings to $100 is actually a deception that never makes the player feel good. We are finding that they do NOT convert as well as traditional match deposit bonuses - and we are re-evaluating all properties that are using this tact. (Are you reading this Renee?! Any chance of reverting properties back to something that actually appeals to players?) 5