GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

| GPWA Times 21 From the GPWA Forums Renee 15th-February-2009, 06:17 PM #9 ( permalink ) Of COURSE I’m reading this :P While I understand where everyone is coming from, not sure about other groups, but you are welcome to advertise these offers to your players any which way you want to. For example, the free spins offers at our group where you can claim up to $200 bonus after the free spins has ended by making a min deposit of $20. Thats an “up to 1000% SUB” - who says you can’t advertise it like that? (Gooner I’m pretty sure I mentioned this to you before) The other point I have to make is that these offers get the most registrations out of any other casino promotion we have ever had, so it may look as though they don’t convert as high, but that’s just because not everyone who registers decides to go on to deposit - after all, to play for the free hour they don’t have to make a deposit. Once the player is in the door it is up to our retention team to keep him/her there and to entice them to deposit. One example of this is sending them a match bonus offer or something similar. Of the accounts I have seen, this has a pretty high success rate. Another point I’d like to make is that it’s every player’s responsibility to read the T&Cs BEFORE they play, after all you wouldn’t get a loan from a bank without reading the T&Cs, would you? We have 18 casinos. Only 5 of them have the free spins bonus, so there are 13 other casinos to choose from which have no deposit bonuses as well as triple sign up bonuses and % match bonuses. 6 TheGooner 15th-February-2009, 09:19 PM #10 ( permalink ) Thanks for the response Renee, Another point I’d like to make, is that it’s every player’s responsibility to read the T&Cs BEFORE they play, after all you wouldn’t get a loan from a bank without reading the T&Cs, would you? But, they’re not getting a loan - they’re trying to have some fun gambling online - and they reasonably expect affiliate sites and programs to SPELL OUT THE IMPORTANT STUFF. We do tell them it’s up to $200 - The problem with that is that the prose on the landing page which is pretty much the hype “Make as much money as you Can - $500 free etc:”. And the payout is limited up to $200? But not mentioned on the banners or the landing page at all? Please understand the disappointing effect this has on people who expected more after a good session. They should be your big players - instead they feel slapped in the face and foolish. How can this be a positive experience? 7 Renee 15th-February-2009, 09:43 PM #11 ( permalink ) Of course they aren’t applying for a loan - it was an example, but IMHO anyone who signs up to something and doesn’t read the terms is asking for something unexpected. I have never received an email asking for a splash page with different text on it for these offers, however if I did, I would be more than happy to get it made. If they read the T&Cs they would have known this before they played. 8 arkyt 15th-February-2009, 09:49 PM #12 ( permalink ) Lets be honest here - IF they SPELLED out all the important stuff up front they wouldn’t be so popular. That’s the reason why a lot of people look at them as tricky / misleading / or as traps ... I hate these type of promos as well - IMO if they are going to offer them they should do exactly as you said - give all the important info up front in BOLD 16pt text - further all bonuses should be accompanied by a link to the terms & conditions which include a definition of “exactly” what bonus abuse is. Casinos should not be permitted to define it after the fact! 9 HenrikGr 16th-February-2009, 05:19 AM #19 ( permalink ) Bonuses are being made for a few reasons, to try to stick out from the crowd and to have something “Big” to offer. I know of plenty of bonuses that have been made in collaboration with the affiliate. As I have said before, the affiliate usually knows his readers better than we do. If no feedback is getting back to us, we expect you to be happy with the current promotions offered. Of course we are looking to new and better ways to promote our casino and poker rooms. To be fair, if we smacked up the terms and conditions right up there, we would probably get feedback from you guys that the players won’t sign up since all that “legal mumbo jumbo” is scaring them of. We just have to find a balance from a “flashy” looking offer and the core value of the offer. Getting signups are important, but getting first deposits from happy customers are of course way better. As Renee mentioned, after getting a signup we the opertators might be able to find a offer that suits them later on, and then convert them to a depositing players. 10