GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

O ver the past couple of years, blogging has become main- stream in the poker affiliate market. Almost every large poker site has a blog of some sort. In fact many poker affiliates are using a blogging platform such as Word- Press for their main content man- agement systems. Having a stand-alone blog – or incorporating a blog into your Web site – can be very beneficial to your overall business. A blog is a great place to establish authority in what- ever niche you are promoting. Plus if you’re running a blog alongside your main site, you can leverage it to feed link juice and drive traffic to areas or pages deep within your site. This is very beneficial when trying to rank for certain long-tail phrases. Search engines love blogs because the content is always fresh and constantly being updated. In fact, the search-engine benefits of having a blog cannot be overstated. When you are a blogger or have a blog on your site, getting links and doing link exchanges also becomes much easier. Remember, almost all blog- gers link and exchange links with other bloggers. Here are a few practical tips for poker affiliates thinking about utiliz- ing a blog in their marketing efforts: 64 THE BENEFITS OF BLOGGING FOR POKER AFFILIATES By Jeremy Enke 1. Have useful and unique content Of course we are all in the poker affiliate business to make money, but nothing is worse than seeing a blog that contains 100% marketing posts pushing offers or bonus codes. When making new blog posts, always think about your readers first. People come to blogs seeking information or entertainment, not to be sold something. The goal should be to get people to bookmark or link to your blog because they see value in it, or because you provide great information, knowledge, or entertainment. If you get enough readers or stickiness, you can then incorporate more subtle calls to action or promotions to encourage click-throughs or sign-ups through your affiliate links. 2. Use blogs to build your brand One of the most powerful aspects of having a blog is that you can use it to build either your Web site’s brand or your personal brand. Either way you want to be known and remembered for something. The beauty of having a popular blog is that many readers will subscribe to your RSS feeds. This means that every time you make a new post, you will be in front of your audience via their RSS readers, even if they do not visit your site. For this reason, it is critical that your message or personality remain consistent. As mentioned previ- ously, you can link to other areas of your Web site from your blog posts. Aside from the SEO benefits, this is also a way to build the brand of your overall Web site. GPWA Times | The Benefits of Blogging