GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2009

62 Cashing in on theWSOP TheWorldSeries of Poker annually provides poker affiliates the golden opportunity toattract and convert newplayers GPWA Times | The Benefits of Blogging By JeremyEnke I t’s that time of the year again when thousands of poker playerswill flock to the Internet in hopes of winning anentry into theworld’smostprestigious poker tournament, the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event. This year’s mainevent is scheduled to start onJuly3 and for the second straight year, thefinal tablewill take place several months later inNovember. Although many players in the WSOP’s MainEventbuy into the tournamentwith $10,000cash,a largemajorityof theplay- ers in thefieldwin theirentriesbyplaying in an online satellite. Each year prior to theWSOP, poker affiliates have a unique opportunity to capture new players and conversions by directly promoting these satellite events at the various online pok- er rooms. Throughouttheyear,savvypokeraffiliates use a variety of methods and techniques to attract newplayers to the onlinepoker rooms they promote. Some poker affili- atespromotebonus codes, somepromote sign-up bonuses or rakeback and others may even just promote the rooms in gen- eral. There is no right or wrong method when it comes tobeinga successful poker affiliate. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the message or “call to action” on yourWeb sites is con- sistently convertingnewplayers andput- ting commissions intoyourpockets. In all the years I have beenpromoting on- line poker, I can tell you that there is no better time of year to boost your sign-ups than themonths leading up to theWSOP. Almost every online poker site runs cus- tom promotions or satellites during these months. For affiliates, thismeanswe have access to several new creativesandpromo- tions.Evenmoreexciting than thesatellites themselves, however, are the sheer num- bersofexistingornewonlinepokerplayers looking forqualitysatellites toplay in. Sohere are some tips onwhat you cando in order to make the most of theWSOP season. 1 Knowyour trafficandpromote the right rooms basedon your analyt- ics. For example, if the majority of your traffic isU.S. based, itwouldbeawasteof real estate on your site promotingWSOP satellites at a room that doesn’t accept U.S. players. 2 Look for WSOP satellites to pro- mote that provide value beyond the $10Kbuy-in.Many poker players are looking for value nowadays, and you’ll find themeasier to convert if youarepro- motingoverlays,specialpackagesorsome other typeof value-addedproposition. 3 Think outside the box and don’t depend on flashy banners to con- vert players. It probably goes without