GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 51 - November 2021

AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES The rebrand also included a new and responsive website, which provides our partners with a better user experience when browsing the site, generating invoices or checking out their stats. Another new feature was a re-imagined library filled with our creative in various sizes giving our partners the ability to look through and choose the creative that would be most effective on their sites. This rebrand is not just a static project, however. Additional updates will be coming to further benefit our partners, for example, a redesigned link management system, improved news and alert system in order to communicate important updates and enhanced visual dashboards to analyse data at scale. A new feature in the pipeline that we are very keen to provide for our partners is a detailed compliance section, which will be kept up to date with all the latest guidance, including our Compliance Policies, which will be made available for partners to access whenever they wish. We do also hope that our new site has not only benefited established affiliates, but also new partners that are taking their first steps into the affiliate marketing sector, providing them with help and support in order to give them the best possible chance of success. Please tell us about your typical work day. It is very hard to give an accurate description of a typical working day because as I have eluded to in other answers, my days vary greatly. I would say the majority of my day is taken up by providing support to my partners, be that over email, over the phone or even visiting their offices to have face-to-face meetings (pre-pandemic). Some other projects I am involved with include helping run our Fantasy Football and Fantasy NFL competitions. These are weekly competitions where partners and Marketing Managers compete to see who can achieve the highest point total each week, which as you can imagine, are extremely popular with our partners. What are the keys to a beneficial working relationship between an affiliate manager and an affiliate? Frommy experience, we need to be helpful, understanding, communicate effectively and be eager to share in the vision that a partner has for their site. On the affiliate or partner side (as we like to consider them), in order to provide the most beneficial working relationship, they should communicate effectively, be understanding and bet365 works day to day and continually adapts to changing events around the world, which provides such a fantastic and valuable experience. In May, the bet365 affiliate program rebranded with the new name, bet365 Partners, explaining that it gave the program “a fresh look and feel” and introduced “improved features designed to support, inform and enhance the relationship between bet365 and its partners.” Please tell us about more about the rebrand and how it has benefited affiliates. At bet365, we have a long standing appreciation of all the work affiliates have done to assist in making bet365 what it is today. It is for this reason that we thought a rebrand to “bet365 Partners” was a more suitable representation of the strong relationships we have developed with our partners over the years. At bet365, we are also always keen for partners to get in contact with their Marketing Managers in order to discuss any concerns they have, and from there we can review their sites, look at the stats and then make bespoke suggestions on how to retain and potentially increase player activity. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 62