GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 8 - April 2009

60 GPWA Times | KATE GARBER | Pitbull Partners Pitbull Poker and Pitbull Casino are Flash-based gambling envi- ronments. Why did Pitbull decide to go with Flash vs. a traditional download?Whatadvantagesdoes going with Flash offer? Through- out the years, the online poker industry has worked primarily on downloadable software because of the technological sources avail- able. However, Flash is an option that rose over the common soft- ware for its versatility, easy use, easy access for the players, and the range of development possi- bilities it has. Flash proved to be better than down- load in all areas, including the simple program- ming required to obtain advanced options and great unique features, the fact that it saves the player from having to install heavy soft- ware, and also that it can be launched from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet. There are little challenges we have had to deal with – for example, at the beginning many were skeptical about the integrity and security of Flash-based software – but we proved that it is as safe and secure as the best downloadable version out there. Pitbull has always been known as a poker brand. What prompt- ed the decision to move into the casino realm? I have known the Pitbull Team for a few years now and have a lot of respect for their product, as well as for the heart with which this program was cre- ated. We began dabbling with the idea many months ago of creating a casino and throwing the new af- filiate program into the mix…and I’m overwhelmed by the support we have received in all quarters. It has been an amazing journey, and we cannot wait to give birth to our new ventures over the next few months…watch this space!! In your experience, are poker players also casino players? Or are more casino players also poker players? Well, this is not a secret to the industry leaders, but poker players have a higher tendency to play casino games than casino lovers do to play poker. Mostly this is because poker players do casino for a more casual reason and they don’t bet much. I’d say they move on to casino on a regu- lar basis to play mostly blackjack and table games in general, while casino players choose to play slots, craps, roulette, take advantage of the great bonuses, and participate for the jackpots more often, leav- ing them less time to play poker for hours and hours. Demographics are not so clear since times and trends change, but younger players prefer poker over casino, while women and older players prefer casino games. Usu- ally casino players have a higher income or at least a higher bank- roll to commit than poker play- ers, but both groups spend pretty much the same amount of time playing their respective games. How does Pitbull specifically help affiliates localize their marketing efforts? We strive to provide the finest service at Pitbull Partners, and after years of experience I can tell you we prioritize the needs. First, we give our affiliates the proper tools and materials re- quired to promote our brands. Then we give them in-depth and personal support. We also provide custom services for them to try out, such as private tournaments, specific bonuses, gifts, etc. Finally we introduce a dynamic systemwe just developed in which affiliates can customize their campaigns according to their target audience – such as rakeback, bonuses, in- centives, and freebies – for both poker and casino. This gives our affiliates a big margin to work with and places a fantastic range of options at their disposal. You’ve told us before, as have many other affiliate managers, that building trust with affiliates is critical to success. How do you go about building trust with your affiliates? Well, I am no stranger to the fact that at times things can go horribly wrong with the software or servers, sites crash- ing, as well as DDOS attacks and so on. These unexpected issues have allowed room for criticism, and doubt, but I do believe that offering ongoing support and service throughout a time of cri- sis enables us to show strength of character and offers the affiliate the opportunity to feel at ease as we have nothing to hide. Having just launched the new affiliate program and casino as well, it has been a period of trial and error, but through hard work, dedica- tion, and the undeniable strength of the team I have working with me, along with the unquestion- able faith I have in our product and abilities, Pitbull Partners will be able to offer the affiliates the same faith and confidence in us that I have had in them all these years. Despite unforeseen techni- calities… my heart remains in the same place. Please tell us about your back- ground. Where did you grow up, and go to school? Where are you living now? And how did you end up there? I’m a born and bred South African, schooled in Jo- hannesburg, lived in Cape Town working in radio and television journalism and film production for many years, which enabled me to travel extensively… then acquired a sudden interest in sta- tistics and imports and exports, taking me down a whole other footpath. But believe me — you’ll Affiliate Manager Interview Series “We have created a reporting system that enables affiliates to see all the way through to their actual player stats, and we’re currently adding additional modifications since requested.”