About the GPWA

With more than 30,000 registered members across the globe, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) is the premier professional association of online gambling affiliates. The GPWA is the hub of activity for the iGaming affiliate community and the first place people turn when looking to connect with other industry professionals. With over 480,000 posts in the GPWA forum and 150,000 monthly pageviews from 200 countries and territories, the GPWA is far more active than any other online gaming affiliate community.
When you're looking to expand your reach, tap into the network that is leading the way. Membership is free - join the GPWA today!

About the GPWA Times Magazine

The GPWA Times magazine is a fun, fact-filled publication centered on building world-class affiliate businesses and connecting affiliates with potential partners. Published four times per year, each issue is chock full of timely information and interesting articles on the ever-changing online gaming industry, and every issue includes interesting and informative profiles of GPWA member affiliates and affiliate managers.

What Affiliates Say about the Magazine:

"I have to admit I'm very impressed. The layout is attractive, and the interviews are nothing short of stellar."
- GPWA Member: Acehigh Pino
"I must say I'm thrilled with the GPWA Times, it was very exciting for me .... I hope we get to know more members up close with future editions."
- GPWA Member: mojo            
"The affiliate interviews were great, it was nice seeing people's faces with the interviews. Great job guys! I don't think it could have been done better."
- GPWA Member: Allstar         

Why Advertise?

VISIBILITY: Reach the Audience You Want

Advertising in our magazine is a no-brainer for an affiliate program trying to reach the right contacts and grow your affiliate business. After all, the GPWA is where the affiliates are.

IMPACT: Reach Affiliates Online and in Print

  • Every issue is now presented on GPWAtimes.org, the sister site of GPWA.org and the premier portal for iGaming affiliate articles, interviews, newsletters and trends.
  • Each online issue is attractively rendered in flipbook format allowing readers to easily peruse the magazine, with hotlinks on your ads that go directly to your website.
  • Every magazine advertiser receives featured banner advertising on GPWAtimes.org at no additional charge with purchase of a print ad.
  • Double your exposure with an online presence to thousands of engaged affiliates who look to the GPWA Times for the latest affiliate information.
  • 4,000 hard copies of the magazine are mailed to our affiliate subscribers and distributed in delegate bags at the industry's top iGaming affiliate conferences.

TRUST: Get in Front of an Avid Readership

Our subscribers love our magazine, and they read it cover to cover. Why? Because we give them the content they want and they need to read to be better affiliates.
The GPWA Times Magazine gives affiliates the information they need to maximize profits for both themselves and for affiliate programs. We regularly publish in-depth exclusive interviews with top industry executives, articles by industry professionals in areas like geocompliance and cybersecurity, and regulatory analysis and market analysis by some of the brightest minds in the industry. When your program's ad is placed next to this content, you get noticed.

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