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Articles Rankings
In this issue, we examine portal site owner rankings from the database. »

A Brave New World
An unimaginable pandemic has prompted formerly reluctant jurisdictions to dip their toes in the iGaming pool, which has created prime opportunities for both affiliates and operators.  »

Back to the Future
As the world adjusts to a "new normal" in the wake of the pandemic, changes in player habits and behavior could lead affiliates into a new era of multi-channel opportunities.  »

Is Esports Ready to Erupt?
The esports vertical continues to thrive. With new markets, evolving technology and increasing player participation, now is the time for affiliates to take notice. »

Preparing for Google Page Experience
For iGaming affiliates, understanding what it all means will be vital for maintaining current visibility and revenue streams. »

iGaming site rankings
We present rankings for iGaming sites before and after the pandemic hit, courtesy of, a free online service available to GPWA private members and sponsors. »

Virtual Events: The New Reality
As the 2020 calendar of live events was wiped out by COVID-19, the iGaming industry pivoted to virtual events. Lee-Ann Johnstone explains why and how you need to learn to make the most of the "new normal" of networking and lead generation. »

Customers, COVID, commission and change
With a global pandemic creating greater obstacles for iGaming affiliates and operators, Christina Thakor-Rankin wonders what our industry will look like in life after lockdown.  »

Forecasting 2021
With a turbulent 2020 coming to an end, the iGaming industry has reason for optimism in the New Year, thanks to esports, cryptocurrency and increasing customer demand. »

The art of link building and content marketing
The iGaming waters have been muddied by a global pandemic. Now, more than ever, affiliates and operators need to employ a strategic marketing and link building strategy that gets their brand message in front of the right audience. »
Affiliate Interviews

Still cranking after more than two decades in the affiliate business, this former chemist and current workout warrior continues to evolve, adapt and prosper. »

A voracious reader all his life, "artrust99" has gone from being a curious gamer as a kid to a self-taught and successful SEO expert and affiliate marketer.  »

He's been a professional gambler and a part-time pool "shark." But for his day job, "LegalBetAndy" manages LegalBet affiliate sites in some of the biggest markets in the world.  »

An iGaming of well over a decade, "Juan Roman" has taken the "content is king" mantra to a whole new level, while continuing to evolve in other sectors of the industry.  »

This aptly named affiliate has transitioned from predicting weather models on-air to leading the fight against a growing number of rouge online casinos. »

While he has no plans to leave his full-time gig in the finance world, this part-time affiliate is fuelled by his passion for poker, writing and coaching. »

The COVID-19 pandemic convinced this veteran sports betting affiliate to apply his skills and experience toward a whole new vertical.  »

Ideas for an affiliate business began percolating for Ernest when he was a teenager, leading to a life-long career in the iGaming industry. »

After leaving the financial sector for the iGaming industry, this German affiliate is living a "dream" and giving back to the poker community »

Andrew explains that as affiliates, if we can't ultimately help players choose casinos, there's not much value in it. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

An iGaming veteran of nearly 20 years, Anastasios discusses how the industry has changed and keys to forming successful relationships with affiliates. »

Martin of GAMING1 has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the business and has always been a big believer of “serving the customer.”  »

With Bitcasino at the forefront of cryptocurrency gaming, Agni believes it is wise for affiliates to work with crypto casinos since those players tend to have a higher lifetime value.  »

Svetlana explains why she enjoys working closely with iGaming affiliates and breaks down some of the unique attributes the emerging Megapartners program offers. »

A native of Bulgaria, Adrian’s past experience spanned from customer service to VIP manager to business development before becoming COO and co-founder of Dench eGaming Solutions.  »

After giving up a career with his family’s construction business, Phil jumped into the iGaming business and has settled in nicely as Betmaster’s Head of Marketing.  »

Fabiola emphasizes when it comes to the iGaming industry, what is cool, new and working today might be old and outdated very soon. »

Adam emphasizes that being at the forefront of cryptocurrency gives his brands a certain authority in the market. »

Nina talks about the advantages of working for a leading bitcoin casino and how it benefits affiliates.  »

Glazier, who joined bet365 in 2004, says operators need a strong product offering and a solid affiliate program in order to build successful relationships with affiliates. »
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