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Pros and Cons of AI Writing Tools
Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an essential tool for affiliate marketers, but there are still limitations as to how much it can help with producing consistent quality content.  »

Parasite SEO
While many affiliates may be well aware of parasite SEO, many don't know where to start. The fact is that it's becoming even more present, especially after the core update in March.  »

The Proliferation of Crypto Payments
With some one billion people using it around the world, cryptocurrency continues to flourish in the iGaming space, but there are also still plenty of challenges.  » Rankings
We list the most popular online casino sites in 2022, along with their change in ranking compared to the year before.  »

The Gambling Act White Paper: What does it mean for affiliates?
The U.K. Gambling Act Review introduced a plethora of impactful changes that will affect the entire industry. U.K. gambling regulatory lawyer Melanie Ellis provides an overview of the key changes. »

5 Big Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023
As the calendar turns to a new year, Lee-Ann Johnstone looks into her crystal ball and predicts what to expect in the coming months and how the iGaming industry should respond. »

Balancing Act
Is it possible to generate quality content and earn high Google rankings? Andy Heaford from explains the tradeoff between the two and how to find the correct balance. »

A Fond Farewell to Maria Florides
The industry lost a legend in November, when GPWA Program Manager Maria Florides passed away suddenly. In this issue, we share some of the sincere condolences and fond remembrances that filled the GPWA forums after her passing.  » Rankings
We list the most popular online gaming sites over the past year, along with their change in ranking compared to the year before. »

Land of Opportunity
As the world continues to shift and digitalization proliferates as a result of the pandemic, the importance of developing communities for affiliates and operators is more important than ever. »
Affiliate Interviews

What started as a love for video games has turned into a philosophy behind edgarf76's extended run as an iGaming affiliate.  »

Despite being a skeptic at first, "bitcasinorank's" relatively new venture as an iGaming affiliate continues to evolve as he dives deeper and deeper into the industry.  »

Living by a motto that requires persistent preparation, "AVC-Invest" manages to juggle 20 iGaming affiliate sites while working a full-time finance job, raising a family and playing poker. »

With 15 years as an iGaming affiliate under his belt, "MJM" is changing with the times, but it's his experience that sets the groundwork for his success.  »

Sports bettor-turned-affiliate, "Theratman" isn't stressing the details as he and his team form a unique mix of skills. »

He's been a professional poker player, trader and VIP manager, but these days "peter-burton" is enjoying his career as an iGaming affiliate in the Land Down Under. »

After 25 years in the business, "ocreditor" still has his hands on the pulse of the online gambling industry. »

Fueled by his passion for sports and writing, "rknuppel" has prospered in the iGaming industry for two decades as a dedicated content expert, rising sports betting affiliate and fervent domain flipper.  »

On a whim, "PaulEchere" launched an iGaming affiliate site a few years ago and is relishing in the "never-a-dull-moment" part-time life as a webmaster. »

After spending 30 years in the information technology space, "nwalker" pivoted into the affiliate world and has carved his niche as a Live Casino authority.  »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Ready for career growth, Alona took on the new role of affiliate manager and quickly realized it was the right choice for her.  »

As an affiliate manager since 2017, Helen highlights some of the skills and traits that led her to being shortlisted for Best Affiliate Manager in 2021. »

A former journalist from Athens, George found his way into the iGaming industry through a friend “by accident” and now thoroughly enjoys his role as an affiliate manager.  »

Denis, who says he feels “right at home” in the iGaming industry, talks about his Russian roots and explains Royal Partners’ “multi-tiered player retention system.” »

Joshua has been with bet365 Partners for six years and discusses his sense of pride in representing one of the largest and most recognized brands in the gambling world. »

Martin of GAMING1 has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the business and has always been a big believer of “serving the customer.”  »

With Bitcasino at the forefront of cryptocurrency gaming, Agni believes it is wise for affiliates to work with crypto casinos since those players tend to have a higher lifetime value.  »

Adam emphasizes that being at the forefront of cryptocurrency gives his brands a certain authority in the market. »

Nina talks about the advantages of working for a leading bitcoin casino and how it benefits affiliates.  »

Glazier, who joined bet365 in 2004, says operators need a strong product offering and a solid affiliate program in order to build successful relationships with affiliates. »
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