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Articles Rankings
In this issue, we examine sports site rankings from the database.  »

Challenges Abound for Affiliates
From the decision by Twitch to ban the promotion of online gambling to new markets opening up with the cumbersome player restrictions, the road to success and profitability is proving to be more difficult.  »

A Core Web Vitals Guide for iGaming Affiliates
Like it or not, Google's Core Web Vitals are a crucial factor in the ranking of your site. Tom Reaney from Blueclaw Media explains why it's important to adhere to the new rules and what tools to use to achieve higher rankings. »

The Crypto Gambling Revolution
Online casinos have been utilizing cryptocurrencies for nearly a decade. But due to increased government regulations and an overall acceptance within the industry, the volume of bets and payments has experienced a rapid and steady rise since early 2020. » Rankings
In this issue, we examine iGaming casino rankings from the database.  »

4 Pillars of Player Acquisition
In order to get ahead and acquire players, implementing a data-driven strategy that encompasses that basics of SEO is a must. »

Affinity Marketing
AffiliateINSIDER's Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down the concept of Affinity Marketing and how this emerging, emotion-based strategy can help turn your site's visitors into brand loyalists. »

A New Frontier
A bill that will legalize single-event sports betting passed the Senate of Canada in June and is expected to be an industry game-changer, opening up a vast opportunity for affiliates and operators. »

Does Creativity Scare You?
The fear of creativity can cause affiliate marketers to get stuck in their safety bubble where their success is measured solely by Google rankings and number of clicks. » Rankings
In this issue, we examine portal site owner rankings from the database. »
Affiliate Interviews

Steve got started in the industry after cashing a couple of lucrative horse racing wagers, but after nearly a decade in the business he still considers himself a "part-time" player. »

Matteo, an SEO specialist and trail-running fanatic, has managed to survive and prosper for well over a decade as an iGaming affiliate. »

Alexis, whose username honors a supernatural from Spanish mythology, parlayed a chance meeting at a party in his country back in 2017 into a burgeoning career as an iGaming affiliate. »

There is no secret to Josy's long career as an iGaming affiliate. She's simply rolled up her sleeves and worked hard and smart for the last 15 years. »

A full-time professional sports bettor based in Bulgaria, Nedyalko has used the tools of his trade to carve out a steady stream of extra income as an iGaming affiliate. »

Still cranking after more than two decades in the affiliate business, this former chemist and current workout warrior continues to evolve, adapt and prosper. »

A voracious reader all his life, "artrust99" has gone from being a curious gamer as a kid to a self-taught and successful SEO expert and affiliate marketer.  »

He's been a professional gambler and a part-time pool "shark." But for his day job, "LegalBetAndy" manages LegalBet affiliate sites in some of the biggest markets in the world.  »

An iGaming of well over a decade, "Juan Roman" has taken the "content is king" mantra to a whole new level, while continuing to evolve in other sectors of the industry.  »

This aptly named affiliate has transitioned from predicting weather models on-air to leading the fight against a growing number of rouge online casinos. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Joshua has been with bet365 Partners for six years and discusses his sense of pride in representing one of the largest and most recognized brands in the gambling world. »

Born in Russia and raised in Germany, Daniil from Konung Partners has always considered himself a "people person," and is always on the hunt for long-term affiliate partners. »

An iGaming veteran of nearly 20 years, Anastasios discusses how the industry has changed and keys to forming successful relationships with affiliates. »

Martin of GAMING1 has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the business and has always been a big believer of “serving the customer.”  »

With Bitcasino at the forefront of cryptocurrency gaming, Agni believes it is wise for affiliates to work with crypto casinos since those players tend to have a higher lifetime value.  »

A native of Bulgaria, Adrian’s past experience spanned from customer service to VIP manager to business development before becoming COO and co-founder of Dench eGaming Solutions.  »

Fabiola emphasizes when it comes to the iGaming industry, what is cool, new and working today might be old and outdated very soon. »

Adam emphasizes that being at the forefront of cryptocurrency gives his brands a certain authority in the market. »

Nina talks about the advantages of working for a leading bitcoin casino and how it benefits affiliates.  »

Glazier, who joined bet365 in 2004, says operators need a strong product offering and a solid affiliate program in order to build successful relationships with affiliates. »
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