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Courtesy of, we list the most popular online gaming sites over the past year, along with their change in ranking compared to last year. »

Land of Opportunity
As the world continues to shift and digitalization proliferates as a result of the pandemic, the importance of developing communities for affiliates and operators is more important than ever. »

Forecasting the Future
The fickle nature of the iGaming industry makes it vital for sports betting affiliates and operators to think forward. »

Maple Leaf Under the Microscope
With Ontario iGaming still in its infancy, here is a road map to success for affiliates in this populous and potentially lucrative market. » Rankings
Courtesy of, we list the highest overall ranking iGaming bingo sites from 2021 with their change in ranking compared to 2020.  »

The Ascent of Women's Sports Betting
Christina Thakor-Rankin of 1710 Gaming emphasizes the importance for affiliates and operators to take advantage of the rise in women’s sports betting as the Women’s World Cup beckons.  »

Essentials of Having a Plan B
We all have an undeniable intrinsic loyalty to how we expect our affiliate business to turn out. However, putting all your eggs into one basket can be dangerous and, thus, developing a Plan B is vitally important.  »

Clouds of Controversy in Germany
It has been a year since the divisive Fourth Interstate Treaty on Gambling was unveiled in Germany and the question for affiliates, operators and players remains: Is ISTG 2021 doing more harm than good? » Rankings
Courtesy of, we list the highest overall ranking iGaming casino sites from 2021 with their change in ranking compared to 2020. »

10 Questions Every Affiliate Should Ask
Lee-Ann Johnstone provides 10 questions that all affiliates should be prepared to ask before beginning a new partnership.  »
Affiliate Interviews

Sports bettor-turned-affiliate, "Theratman" isn't stressing the details as he and his team form a unique mix of skills. »

He's been a professional poker player, trader and VIP manager, but these days "peter-burton" is enjoying his career as an iGaming affiliate in the Land Down Under. »

After 25 years in the business, "ocreditor" still has his hands on the pulse of the online gambling industry. »

Fueled by his passion for sports and writing, "rknuppel" has prospered in the iGaming industry for two decades as a dedicated content expert, rising sports betting affiliate and fervent domain flipper.  »

On a whim, "PaulEchere" launched an iGaming affiliate site a few years ago and is relishing in the "never-a-dull-moment" part-time life as a webmaster. »

After spending 30 years in the information technology space, "nwalker" pivoted into the affiliate world and has carved his niche as a Live Casino authority.  »

Since he was a young boy, "Betarena" always had the burning desire to own his own company and he used that passion to become a successful affiliate webmaster.  »

Steve got started in the industry after cashing a couple of lucrative horse racing wagers, but after nearly a decade in the business he still considers himself a "part-time" player. »

Matteo, an SEO specialist and trail-running fanatic, has managed to survive and prosper for well over a decade as an iGaming affiliate. »

Alexis, whose username honors a supernatural from Spanish mythology, parlayed a chance meeting at a party in his country back in 2017 into a burgeoning career as an iGaming affiliate. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Nick says that all of the skills he's acquired in life have contributed to his success in iGaming, even when he was a 16-year-old working in marketing. »

Denis, who says he feels “right at home” in the iGaming industry, talks about his Russian roots and explains Royal Partners’ “multi-tiered player retention system.” »

Joshua has been with bet365 Partners for six years and discusses his sense of pride in representing one of the largest and most recognized brands in the gambling world. »

Martin of GAMING1 has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the business and has always been a big believer of “serving the customer.”  »

With Bitcasino at the forefront of cryptocurrency gaming, Agni believes it is wise for affiliates to work with crypto casinos since those players tend to have a higher lifetime value.  »

Adam emphasizes that being at the forefront of cryptocurrency gives his brands a certain authority in the market. »

Nina talks about the advantages of working for a leading bitcoin casino and how it benefits affiliates.  »

Glazier, who joined bet365 in 2004, says operators need a strong product offering and a solid affiliate program in order to build successful relationships with affiliates. »

The Casino Rewards affiliate program offers 35 percent commission to all affiliates, with no negative carryover. »
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