GPWA Times Magazine Issue 34 at a Glance

SEO resolutions for 2016
Greyheart Media's Mike Litson provides webmasters with tips on what they need to do to get their website's SEO as fit as a fiddle in the new year. »

Place your bets on the future of women's sports
Viewership numbers for women's sporting events are up, as evidenced by the huge numbers seen during last year's Women's World Cup. The amount bet on women's sporting events is much lower, in part because there is less information available to potential punters. »

Doubling down on millennials
The most lucrative market for online gambling may be one that hasn't been sufficiently targeted. »

A problem merged is a problem halved?
While mergers and acquisitions may increase total revenue numbers, they don't fundamentally alter the challenges iGaming businesses face. »
Affiliate Interviews

This serial entrepreneur is taking the Portuguese online gambling world by storm. »

An affiliate by accident, Phil Fraser made a go-to destination for online bingo players. »

We get an in-depth look at the iGaming industry's "fossil record" in Poland from Blazej, who, coincidentally, has a Master's degree in archaeology. »

This psychologist takes a seat on our couch and tells us about her life as an affiliate. »

This U.K.-based poker affiliate thinks the best way to get people playing online is to reintroduce physical decks of cards into the game, rather than relying on a random number generator. »
From the Forums
Build your own website or pay someone to do it?
One of our newest members recently asked whether he should build his own website or outsource the job. He got lots of great advice from our more seasoned members, and thanks in large part to that advice, came to a conclusion on how to proceed. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

A Dublin native who returned home to be head of casino at TradaCasino, Rachel says the recently relaunched affiliate program allows webmasters to see stats in real-time and offers no negative carryover on commissions. »

Before signing on with mFortune Partners, James worked in marketing for NERO Pipeline Connections. Despite producing vastly different products, James says that the primary goal remains the same: success for the company and its partners. »
APCW Wall of Shame
We've always been told that retagging players was impossible. So how did a Betsson affiliate manager do just that to the tune of €153,000?»
Webmaster News
DFS industry under attack in many U.S. states
The daily fantasy sports industry was a roller-coaster ride in 2015, as a record ad spend brought in millions of new customers. But the increased scrutiny from lawmakers and state attorneys general produced a number of headaches for the rapidly growing industry. »
Issue 34