25 July 2007 GPWA Times Newsletter

GPWA TIMES July 25, 2007
New Certified Sponsor Affiliate Program Seal
GPWA Certified ProgramThe GPWA is pleased to announce the launch of the new GPWA Certified Sponsor Affiliate Program Seal. It serves as a complement to the sponsor's code of conduct we announced one month ago. We believe the new seal will help affiliate programs further distinguish themselves. The new seal will have the same features that make our GPWA Approved Portal Seal special and effective, including the fault-tolerant infrastructure and multi-language capabilities.

Memorial Web site for Craig Levin
Graeme Levin, operator of www.gambling.com, was one of the industry's first gaming portal owners. Graeme's son, Craig Levin, was very active in his father's business for a number of years and was prominent in the development and running of Gambling.com and a number of other sites.

Tragically, two years ago Monday, Craig was killed in an automobile accident. Graeme recently had a Web site developed in his memory at www.craiglevin.com. There is information about Craig's life and the nearly 200 who sent condolences have their messages on the site. Our heart goes out to Graeme on this anniversary of Craig's accident. Please join us in visiting the site in his memory.

New Affiliate Programs

The GPWA is excited to announce St. Minver Affiliates as a new sponsor. St. Minver Affiliates is pleased to be helping our industry grow as a new member of the GPWA community!

Industry News
Rebecca LiggeroCosta Rica warm up - Newport style
How many times have I been to Newport, RI., a fun little beach town located less than 1.5 hours from Boston, Mass? Once, and it was this past weekend. How many times have I been to San Jose, Costa Rica, a vibrant city located in Central America? Six, and I am returning on Thursday for trip number seven. I guess that explains why I have more friends in Costa Rica than I do in Boston. But come on, the Swedes are plentiful there!

Expert says Antigua unlikely to gain entire $3.4 billion
Antigua & Barbuda, which has requested $3.4 billion in compensation from the U.S. after winning a WTO dispute over Internet gambling, most likely will have to settle for a much smaller amount, according to John Jackson, an international economics law expert and professor at Georgetown.

NETeller revenue drops 54%
NETeller revenue has declined 54% as a result of its withdrawal from the North American market, the company announced today. The popular payment processor took in $32.7 million in the first quarter of 2007 compared to $71.8 million in the final quarter of 2006.

International flair at the 2007 WSOP
English was not the first language at many WSOP-tournament tables this year as more International players than ever made the trip to Las Vegas. Casino City examines this trend and discovers that poker has truly become the world's game.

European Commission warns France
The European Commission has given France until Aug. 24 to change its online gambling draft laws to allow foreign gaming companies to operate inside the country, according to Forbes.

NETeller halts Israeli online gambling transfers
NETeller will no longer process online gambling related transactions for Israeli customers, according to a press release issued by the company last week.

Did You Know?
NETeller lost 54% of its revenue when legal troubles forced the financial processor out of the North American markets.

Affiliate Program Sponsors

Affiliate Manager Interview
Katie Garber

The fabulous Katie Garber of Wager Profits, cohort of the GPWA's own Rebecca Liggero, proves she's more than just a pretty face by offering our readers her keys to becoming a successful affiliate manager. And a bunch of censored information you'll have to read to believe.
Read the interview

Upcoming Conference
August 27-28
CAC - Montreal
CAC - Montreal
The Casino Affiliate Convention Montreal will primarily focus on marketing and advertising for the online gaming industry.
How much of your gaming affiliate revenue is chewed up by expenses?
It takes money to make money when running a business. Operating gambling portal Web sites as an affiliate is no different. For a small hobby business, the expenses can be as simple as hosting and bank fees. But expenses can quickly grow to include items like equipment, paid links or advertising, subcontracted content, additional staff, and even office space if you move out of your home. What percent of your gaming affiliate revenue is chewed up by expenses?  View poll
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New Message  Beware of evil affiliate!
Dominque recently brought a content hijacking Web site to the GPWA's attention then put a $1,000 bounty on the person's head. The situation was resolved quickly through some good detective work and a little legal leveraging, but the thread still provides some useful information about how to protect your Web site from the same type of thieving.  read more
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