15 August 2007 GPWA Times Newsletter

GPWA TIMES August 15, 2007
New "thank you" option for GPWA forums
On Tuesday we deployed some improvements to the GPWA forum software, which includes the new "thank you" option. On every post, except your own, you will now see a new "Thanks" button in the lower right-hand corner of the post. If you appreciate a particular post, then you can say thank you by clicking on the "Thanks" button. A special thanks to kwblue for suggesting the idea. Thanks

GPWA gets new data center
IT TeamWe're pleased to announce that we've built a new data center as part of an office-space expansion at Casino City, and that the GPWA is now hosted there. The new infrastructure is fully redundant, ensuring that our sites are always available. For power, we have three backups to our normal supply from the local electrical utility. Of course, we also continue to have the same redundant routing equipment and links to multiple Internet backbones that we previously put in place.

ASOP registration open
Free registration for the third Affiliate Series of Poker is now open at the ASOP Web site www.asop.com. There are eight free online qualifying tournaments, and they are open to any affiliates attending CAP Euro in Barcelona, where 36 finalists will play for the crown. Mikko Lang (Kosmonaut) won the inaugural ASOP and Dennis Brown (Ace Jones) won the second tournament. This is a great event, and we encourage all GPWA members to participate!

Industry News
PartyGaming stock nears all-time low
PartyGaming stock closed at 27 pence Monday, its lowest close since one month after the American government signed the UIGEA into law and prompted the once-mighty online gaming company to exit the lucrative U.S. market.

Tel Aviv, Montreal and D.C. in 2.5 Weeks - Oh my!
Yes, yes, I know. Here we go again. This time I'm really in for a treat. One-and-a-half weeks in Tel Aviv, straight to CAC Montreal, and finally, off to Washington D.C. for a wedding. This isn't just any wedding, mind you, it's a couple that I set up and of course I'm expected to give a nice little speech at the rehearsal dinner. Problem is I won't have a voice, liver, thought process or brain, for that matter.

U.K. ad policy will affect more than 1,000 sites
More than 1,000 online gambling firms will not be allowed to advertise in the U.K. after the 2005 Gambling Act takes effect on Sept. 1, according to a statement released last week by the U.K.'s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Boss Media to supply software for Paddy Power
Boss Media and Paddy Power signed an agreement this week to create an online multi-lingual games and casino system. The online casino will be based on Boss Media's latest casino platform. Paddy Power is Ireland's largest bookmaker.

Bodog enters the world of Fantasy Football
Bodog Entertainment announced the launch of Bodogfantasy.net last week, a fantasy football site that offers premium scouting and stats, live scoring, and extensive customization that is absolutely free.

Bad Beat jackpot winnings top $1.2 million
Absolute Poker has given away more than $1.2 million to players who qualify for their bad beat jackpot. The latest jackpot was claimed on Aug. 7 by DAMETGARM, who won $50,000 for losing with quad nines.

BestGames launches bingo product
BestGames is adding an online bingo product to complement its poker site. The firm will partner with St. Minver to provide the bingo platform.

BackgammonMasters.com adds blackjack
BackgammonMasters has added blackjack to its family of games. It already offers backgammon, perudo and poker.

Did You Know?
Netherland Antilles licenses more than 300 online gambling sites, but it is not on the U.K.'s white list of approved jurisdictions.

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Affiliate Manager Interview
Tamara Mannix

Global Player's Tamara Mannix likes to play hard and work hard. While her ideal day off includes snorkeling and clubbing, her approach to working with affiliates is hands on.
Read the interview

Upcoming Conference
August 27-28
CAC - Montreal
CAC - Montreal
The fifth annual Casino Affiliate Convention Montreal will primarily focus on marketing and advertising for the online gaming industry.

October 4-7
CAP Euro
CAP Euro
This four-day event is designed to bring together top minds in Internet gaming affiliate marketing and is free for all verified GPWA and CAP webmasters.
What rule applies to revenue from players on your site?
Probably everyone knows the 80/20 rule - You get 80% of your revenue from 20% of your customers. The ratio isn't always 80/20. Maybe you get 90% of your revenue from 10% of your customers. In a recent post, bb1web pointed out that a few good players are better than lots of bonus hustlers. The discussion in that thread inspired this week's question. What ratio applies to actual players from your site? Do 10% of your actual players generate 90% of your revenue? Or do 20% of your actual players generate 80% of your revenue? View poll
Last week's poll results: Do you experience summer affiliate revenue doldrums? View poll
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New Message Finally accepted by Yahoo!
WagerX writes:
I've finally been reinstated by Yahoo! I was banned for some unknown reason about 2 years ago. From what I read on the Web it's almost impossible to have a ban lifted with them. Before, I noticed that my sites that were fine with Yahoo! were receiving about 20% of their total traffic from Yahoo! alone. Even though it's only 20%, over the long run, it means a lot. If you have the same problem, then PM me and I'll tell you how exactly how to do it. read more
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New Message What would you do if this happened to you?
New Message Avatars wanted!
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