12 September 2007 GPWA Times Newsletter

GPWA TIMES September 12, 2007
250 Sites awarded GPWA Approved Portal Seals
GPWA Approved PortalWe've reached another milestone - 250 sites now have the right to display the "GPWA Approved Portal" seal. Congratulations to the 20 newly approved sites (and their associated webmasters) that join the 230 sites previously announced. Sites displaying these seals are considered credible, ethical and independent. In order to generate some additional publicity for these new seal recipients (including links to their websites), we issued a press release earlier today. The press release can be seen in this thread.

We love smilies
More Smilies!The GPWA clearly loves their smilies. Members have been enthusiastic about using the new emoticons since we made them available last week. And several of you suggested more smilies for us to add. So we did!! Check out the new additions and see which ones you would like to include in your next post.

Global Player to host GPWA Freeroll Series
Global Player will be hosting a GPWA Poker Tournament on the third Friday of each month for four months. The first tournament in the series is next week! The prize for each tournament is $100 and an entry into Global Player's weekly $100,000 freeroll. The tournament series begins on Friday, Sept. 21 at 19:00 GMT. Many thanks to Tamara Mannix for arranging this special event.

Industry News
Highlights from CAC MontrealCAC Montreal: I am a groupie
I am a CAC groupie, according to Marc Lesnik. I have been to many online gaming conferences in my time and so far I have managed to hit all of Lesnik's shows, big or small. This year's show, as expected, was one of the smaller ones due to location and timing. But I must admit, there is a piece of me that enjoys the smaller shows as they are much less hectic and formal.

Full Tilt adds new deposit method
Full Tilt Poker has added Gatorpay to its list of deposit and withdrawal methods. Gatorpay is a prepaid phone card that works directly with your checking account. Players can load the card with money and then transfer it to Full Tilt. The card also allows members to withdraw cash from its phone card directly into bank accounts.

U.K. enters new ad age for gambling
The Gambling Act of 2005 went into affect last week, and it's changed everything from which casino operators can advertise in the U.K. to when they can do it.

PartyGaming powering ITV casinos
PartyGaming is providing ITV with branded online casino, poker, bingo and sports betting rooms. ITV is the largest commercial TV network in the U.K. The games can be accessed through ITV.com.

Bodog, Morris Mohawk Gaming Group sign deal
Bodog announced this week that Bodog Entertainment in North America is now fully licensed by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. This gives Morris Mohawk Gaming the rights to use all Bodog domains and the Bodog trademark for the operation and marketing of gaming in North America.

PlayersOnly.com launches $1 million freeroll series
In the biggest tournament series since the re-launch of their video-rich poker room, casino and sportsbook, PlayersOnly.com has just begun its first Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament Series. A total of $1 million will be awarded over the next ten months with winners of monthly finals taking away $75,000 each.

PartyBingo.com launches new flash game
PartyBingo.com has fully launched the new flash version of their bingo platform, so members can play bingo on their web browser. In addition to the new flash game, PartyBingo.com has given its lounges and rooms a fresh look.

Did You Know?
At least five novels by Charles Dickens ('Nicholas Nickleby,' 'The Old Curiosity Shop,' 'Hard Times,' 'Little Dorrit' and 'Martin Chuzzlewit') contain references to gambling.

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Upcoming Conference
October 4-7
CAP Euro
CAP Euro
This four-day event is designed to bring together the top minds in Internet gaming affiliate marketing. The conference is free for all verified GPWA and CAP members. Poker legend Doyle Brunson will be this year's keynote speaker.
How many search terms you target return your site as a top-ten result?
To do well in search engines, most sites need to do well in the long-tail of search engine traffic. That means having good search engine result positions (SERPs) on more specific and less common terms. CasinoCity.com ranks as the first result on Google for "casinos" and sixth for "casino," but receives only a small percentage of its traffic from those terms. Most of its traffic comes from more specific keyword phrases. So this week's question is how many terms do you target on the search engines where a page on your site is actually one of the top ten results for the targeted term? View poll
Last week's poll results: How much do you win or lose gambling online each month? View poll
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New Message Record for player losses at an online casino?
Tropics writes:
Hi, I would like to know what is the record for deposits lost at an online casino in one year by a single person? I have a friend that told me that he knew of a player that lost $2 million in one year at an online casino. Does anyone else know of an amount higher than that in a one-year period? read more
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