11 February 2009 GPWA Times Newsletter

GPWA TIMES February 11, 2009
GPWA over 7,000 members strong!
We're very pleased to announce that the GPWA has passed the 7,000 registered member mark! We have quite a crowd here now! Our growth has accelerated over the past year. It was just four months ago that we passed the 6,000 registered member mark, so we have averaged 250 new registered members each month over the past four months. Look for us to pass the 8,000 registered member mark even more quickly as there have been over 350 new registrations in the last month alone.

Approved Portal seal now available in 10 languages
The GPWA Approved Portal seal has been multi-lingual for quite some time, but previously only five languages were supported. The new languages we support for this international symbol of credibility and ethical behavior are Croatian, Dutch, French, Greek and Japanese. The previously available languages include English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. And we'd like to especially thank the GPWA members who helped us with these translations. Those members are listed in this thread, so please stop by and thank them for their efforts.

New iGaming Suppliers Web site launched
The new site, which is the most complete and largest directory of suppliers to the online gaming industry, includes information on a wide variety of companies providing goods and services for online gaming. For affiliates, one of the most interesting sections is a comprehensive directory of affiliate programs. Casino City does a tremendous amount of industry research, and the affiliate programs section of the site includes all of the 358 different affiliate programs we know about at the moment.

GPWA Nancy handling member and seal applications
Most of you will remember GPWA Nancy, who handled member and seal applications until last fall. Well, we're pleased to announce that she is handling that responsibility once again. It will probably take a couple weeks for Nancy to get everything back on track so please be patient. She is in the midst of sorting though pending applications and getting everything organized and moving smoothly again.

New Affiliate Programs
The GPWA is excited to announce Betway Partner as a new sponsor. They are pleased to be helping our industry grow as a new member of the GPWA community!

Industry News
APCW Perspectives Tuesday -- J Todd returns
Perspectives Tuesday is back and has the latest on Barney Frank and the UIGEA. Plus, online gambling news from Florida, Delaware, and an update on J Todd's mom!

Bet Markets 2009 focusing on surviving the economy
The conference scheduled for March 4-5 in Austria will bring together 35 leaders and 250 representatives of the sportsbook industry to discuss a number of items, including how to adapt and diversify during this economic downturn.

Balkans ready for online gambling
The Balkan countries of Eastern Europe have opened up their markets for online gambling and a recent report claims the region could become a market worth €4.5 billion.

Everest Poker to sponsor Spanish Poker Tour
The second edition of the Spanish Poker Tour will launch on March 20 with Everest Poker as the main sponsor.

Titan Poker launches brand new Club Titan
Players who sign up for the new VIP program can receive bonuses that benefit all players equally.

Upcoming Conference

Asian iGaming Congress & Expo (Macau)Feb 24-26, 2009
Asian iGaming Congress & Expo (Macau)
Asia's largest iGaming conference returns to the Venetian Macao for three days of keynote speakers, sessions and networking opportunities.

GPWA Conference @ AiG (Macau)Feb. 24-25, 2009
GPWA Conference @ AiG (Macau)
This conference features free admission to the AiG Online Marketing Masterclass on Feb. 24 and to the AiG Exhibit Hall and a series of affiliate-oriented sessions on Feb. 25.

Bet Markets 2009 (Vienna)March 4-5, 2009
Bet Markets 2009 (Vienna)
The only conference focused on sportsbooks takes place this March in Austria and features 35 industry leaders addressing a wide variety of issues.

CAC Amsterdam March 30-31, 2009
CAC Amsterdam
The Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam 2009 will focus on marketing and advertising the online gaming industry to Europe.
Did You Know?
Dutch online gamblers have doubled their annual spending since 2005, averaging €82 a month per player, according to a study by Motivaction.

Affiliate Program Sponsors

Places I've Played
Places I've PlayedThe "Places I've Played" Facebook application lets players you refer share with their friends the online and land-based places where they've gambled. And when their friends visit the online gambling sites they mention, you earn affiliate revenue.
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Buzzy's World
The BuzzBuzzy has been hard at work this week chasing down the latest industry rumors and gossip. Here's a quick look at Buzzy's top finds:
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From The Forums
New MessageAffiliate conferences
mojo writes:
The affiliate world is changing and conferences should be a part of that. The times of conferences every other month needs to end. What are we thinking? That is a ton of money! Why are we doing this? ... Conferences are getting out of hand with the same people going all the time. How many new affilaites go? ... Conferences are also on a slippery slope right now IMO. It has become a huge commercial enterprise and we need to simply get back to the basics. Never mind what "event coordinators" or "cac" or "cap" or "gpwa" or any other entity wants. Has anyone asked what "affiliates" want? read more
New MessageAffiliate manager responsiveness
New MessageProfessor resigns at CAP
New MessageThe Professor is back at CAP
New MessageMicrogaming and existing U.S. players
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