GPWA Times Magazine Issue 29 at a Glance

The rise of the social gaming affiliate
While most social games are free to play, many offer significant revenue opportunities for affiliates.  »

Key questions to help you recover from a Google penalty
Google has come down hard lately on websites it deems spammy, so affiliates may need to update their websites to stay clear of penalties. »

Affiliates, get ready: The tax clock is ticking
Recent changes in the U.K.'s regulatory scheme will impact affiliates market the World Cup. »

GSN betting big on skill games - and affiliates
Skill games -- often redesigned versions of game show brands or popular Web games -- offer an opportunity for affiliates to branch out from the usual online gambling suspects. »

Affiliates face a different business environment in New Jersey
Affiliates are not accustomed to the bureaucracies they are facing as New Jersey regulates online gaming. »

Bridging the gap between land-based and online casinos
While New Jersey's online gaming operators as a whole have been criticized for not doing enough to work with land-based Atlantic City casinos, these four brands have been cross-promoting away. »

Regulations 101: An introduction to supplier licensing for technology companies
The licensing process for companies working with gaming operators varies by U.S. state, so it's important for companies to do their research. »
Other Interviews
Interview with 
Joel Leonoff, CEO of Optimal Payments, discusses the challenges of keeping up-to-date on regulatory changes and working with banks.  »
Interview with 
Hobson talks about what MTI has done to stay secure and what steps affiliates should take to stay secure. »
Affiliate Interviews

Adel discusses his background as a dating site affiliate, the challenges of promoting Bitcoin casinos and the advantages of not putting all your eggs in one basket. »

Trev runs fantasy sports affiliate sites and takes on the tricky balancing act between work and family. »

Dave discusses his background in brick-and-mortar betting shops, the risks of free bet sites and the decline of horse racing in the U.K. »
From the Forums
Fastest way to more visitors
Dan Horvat has a challenge for GPWA forum members. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Adnan talks about building Affiliate Republik from the ground up after leaving the ComeOn! affiliate program, which he also helped build. »

Chris thinks social gaming is the wave of the future and he predicts that Facebook and Twitter will become a major part of the revenue model. »

Hannah has watched the online gaming industry grow for five years and she's convinced it will continue to grow in the next five years. »
APCW Wall of Shame
AGA members can't agree on how they feel about online gambling, so the organization as a whole has decided to remove its stance on the matter. This is not a good thing for the industry.»