GPWA Times Magazine Issue 56 at a Glance

Pros and Cons of AI Writing Tools
Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an essential tool for affiliate marketers, but there are still limitations as to how much it can help with producing consistent quality content.  »

Parasite SEO
While many affiliates may be well aware of parasite SEO, many don't know where to start. The fact is that it's becoming even more present, especially after the core update in March.  »

The Proliferation of Crypto Payments
With some one billion people using it around the world, cryptocurrency continues to flourish in the iGaming space, but there are also still plenty of challenges.  » Rankings
We list the most popular online casino sites in 2022, along with their change in ranking compared to the year before.  »

The Gambling Act White Paper: What does it mean for affiliates?
The U.K. Gambling Act Review introduced a plethora of impactful changes that will affect the entire industry. U.K. gambling regulatory lawyer Melanie Ellis provides an overview of the key changes. »
Affiliate Interviews

What started as a love for video games has turned into a philosophy behind edgarf76's extended run as an iGaming affiliate.  »

Despite being a skeptic at first, "bitcasinorank's" relatively new venture as an iGaming affiliate continues to evolve as he dives deeper and deeper into the industry.  »
From the Forums
Is there an advantage in competing with your own website?
Does it make sense to compete with yourself? Is it against Google's guidelines if you do? »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Ready for career growth, Alona took on the new role of affiliate manager and quickly realized it was the right choice for her.  »

As an affiliate manager since 2017, Helen highlights some of the skills and traits that led her to being shortlisted for Best Affiliate Manager in 2021. »
APCW Wall of Shame
The U.K. Gambling White Paper was posted in April, and for some reason, there is an indication that affiliate marketing is a risk to the U.K. gambling industry. »
Issue 56