GPWA Times Magazine Issue 16 at a Glance

Twitter myth dispelled, and how to energize your tweets for SEO
Unlinked brand citations appear to have no impact in search rankings under Google's current algorithms. Affiliates need to be more creative to use Twitter to improve SEO. »

The aftermath: Victory Poker leaves U.S. while others jockey for position
With PokerStars and Full Tilt out of the picture and Absolute Poker not accepting new U.S. deposits, other online poker rooms are moving to grab their traffic -- or to stay out of the path of the U.S. government. »

I. Nelson Rose on Black Friday: DOJ out of bounds
The DOJ's actions impacted U.S. citizens who played online poker, which is not illegal, and froze the targeted companies' ability to do business in jurisdictions where their operations are entirely legal. »

Searching for the Next Mother Lode -- Emerging Online Gambling Markets
To find a viable new online gambling market, affiliates need to consider and analyze a number of variables. »

Making the most from one-off sporting events
Annual or biennial events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, can be excellent opportunities for affiliates to convert new sports bettors -- if they implement a smart marketing strategy. »

The 8 most common mistakes casino affiliates make -- and how to fix them
Some of the most easy-to-make affiliate mistakes are nearly as easy to avoid. »

Charity golf tournament aims to make giving back fun
The Fairway Charity Golf Open will take place on May 24 at The K Club in Co. Kildare, Ireland, and the proceeds will go to the Children First Foundation. »

Making the case for forex
With relatively low competition and the ability to reach areas where gambling is not a popular activity, the forex market may be a lucrative place for affiliates to invest their resources. »

Tweet Cred: Vin Narayanan tracks the DOJ indictment story as it unfolds on Twitter
Vin reconstructs the events of Black Friday as seen from the Internet, including witness commentary and a timeline of press releases. »
Affiliate Interviews

Brad discusses being a professional ice hockey player, the differences between European and North American ice hockey, and keyword-rich versus general domains. »

Craig discusses why he promotes bingo, his background in SEO and why he thinks Van Damme would be great to have in ads. »

Josy discusses why she doesn't do much with poker sites, working in multiple languages and the difference having a GPWA seal on her site has made. »

Peter discusses his horse racing sites, black and white hat SEO, and the importance of building a brand. »

Jamie talks about his interest in cars, his plans for a GPWA-like site and the recent earthquake in New Zealand. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Yuval discusses the move from being an affiliate to an affiliate manager, the importance of integrity and why he prefers Facebook to Twitter. »

Nicolas discusses the growing popularity of live games, his relationship with the Regent Casino in Bucharest and the changes he's seen in his time in the gaming industry. »
APCW Wall of Shame
The former payment processing entrepreneur was the key informant in the DOJ's case to take down Full Tilt and PokerStars -- two companies he was in legal hot water for stealing from.»
Seal of Approval
GPWA seal program rockets to 2,141 sites
The program has added a whopping 920 new sites since its last update, indicating that "the industry is maturing rapidly," says GPWA program manager Steve Corfman. »
Webmaster News
Germany to regulate online sports betting
Germany will open applications for seven online sports betting licenses and has set a tax rate for online bookmaking. »
Governor's veto kills online gambling legislation in New Jersey
Gov. Chris Christie cited a number of issues he had with the bill, but insisted he was amenable to signing an online gambling bill if these issues were addressed. »
Washington, D.C. becomes first U.S. jurisdiction to regulate online gambling
A provision in the Washington budget bill allows the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board to offer games on the Internet. »
Issue 16