GPWA Times Magazine Issue 28 at a Glance

Jumping into the Big Data revolution: Working smarter with iGaming's analytics tools
The technological advances in marketing analytics can be extremely useful for affiliates, if they know how to use them. »

Bitcoin's boom-bust cycle lets players gamble twice
The instability of Bitcoin's value makes using it to gamble at online sites like SealsWithClubs a volatile proposition. »

DerbyJackpot - a simpler way to play the ponies
The horse betting site targets non-horse bettors, presenting streamlined data in an easy-to-use interface and providing a level of transparency that's nearly unprecedented in the industry. »

Deconstructing Abboud - How Andy Abboud is working to expedite Sheldon Adelson's campaign to wipe online gaming off the American map
The Las Vegas Sands Corp. executive's arguments against online gambling are the same moral panic arguments frequently leveled against the land-based casinos Las Vegas Sands has made billions from operating. »

SEO Corner: There's still room for bingo affiliates
The U.K. bingo market is competitive, but affiliates can still make their sites stand out and succeed. »

Bingo advertising on daytime television - how much is too much?
Online bingo parlors in the U.K. rely heavily on daytime ads to reach their customers, but conservative members of Parliament are concerned about the effects of these ads on children. »
Affiliate Interviews

TJ discusses bad business practices, the strength of mini sites and dealing with content theft. »

Jen talks about the important aspects of a bingo room, working with her brother and why she doesn't like talking to affiliate managers on Skype. »

Hristo discusses the cost of living in Bulgaria, the challenges of self-discipline and working on content rather than SEO. »

Mark discusses his plans to move away from just poker, the underserved sit-and-go market and his opinions on Sheldon Adelson. »

Jon discusses how he decided upon his market niche, the challenges of keeping up to date on multiple jurisdictions and why he doesn't post on the forums more often. »
From the Forums
Keeping affiliates up to date
GPWA forum members discuss how affiliates prefer to hear from affiliate managers. (Spoiler: It's usually e-mail.) »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Alex discusses marketing for charities, growing up with bet365 and competing with PokerStars. »
APCW Wall of Shame
Sen. Graham's proposed RAWA legislation doesn't jibe with his claims to support states' rights -- but it does make sense as part of a strategy to fend off Tea Party primary opponents and butter up Sheldon Adelson.»
Seal of Approval
199 new sites earn GPWA seal since last update
These sites have all been investigated and shown to uphold the GPWA's standards of excellence. »
Webmaster News
Massachusetts Internet gambling hearing focuses on geolocation, payment processing issues
The Massachusetts Gambling Commission heard from a variety of expert witnesses and discussed the early results of the three states that have regulated online gaming thus far. »
Issue 28