GPWA Times Magazine Issue 35 at a Glance

The "Friend to the Village Idiot" celebrates 10 years at the helm
The GPWA is celebrating 10 years under the leadership of Executive Director Michael Corfman. In our cover story for this issue, we look back on where we started, how we got where we are today, and what the next 10 years might bring. »

All about those links, 'bout those links, no-follow
Affiliate links to operator sites may make it more difficult for operators to maximize their own SEO strategies. »

Video games may be the next big thing in online gambling
The rapidly growing eSports industry gives affiliates an opportunity to reach new audiences and tap into new revenue sources. »

PokerStars and the New Jersey online poker market
Online poker revenues in New Jersey have been declining since spring 2014. Will the world's most powerful online poker operator bring players back to the table? »
Affiliate Interviews

After abandoning his plan to become a history teacher, this affiliate sold a site for €4.2 million just three years after launching it. »

His love for the Grand National began with a 50-pence bet at age 13 that turned into a year's supply of comic books. »

This Russian webmaster believes that restrictions on online gambling are a good thing, though domain filtering isn't currently as strong in Russia as it is in China, so it's easy enough to get around. »

This Romanian affiliate took his lumps when his first site launched — now he's reaping the rewards of the lessons learned. »

Before launching his affiliate site, Gary owned an IT solutions business. He says growing pains in any business can be tough, and learning SEO is the only way to go for affiliates. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Geert says that working in the iGaming industry shares some similarities with the retail industry, and some of the same approaches work as long as you adjust your approach to reach your target audience. »

After spending six years working for bet365 in operations, fraud and risk management, and administration, Jeff Chen has spent the last year working with affiliates as a performance marketing manager. »
APCW Hall of Fame
New Jersey gaming regulators approved PokerStars for operation in the Garden State and have seen their online poker revenues soar as players return to the tables.»
Webmaster News
California online poker bill heads to Assembly
The regulation of online poker in California took a key step forward in late April when the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee unanimously passed AB 2863. »
Issue 35