GPWA Times Magazine Issue 14 at a Glance

Do you copy? Staying on the right side of content publishers
With "copyright troll" firm Righthaven starting lawsuits against webmasters who repost content, affiliates need to make sure their use of other people's articles follows copyright laws and industry best practices. »

Converting your poker affiliate traffic to depositing players
Affiliates need more than cute graphics to build an online poker community in a competitive market. »

SEO strategies that may get you penalized
Google has come down against some common SEO techniques. Here's what to do instead. »

Bridging online gaming's numbers gap
Montreal-based Income Access provides statistics to affiliates and considers itself to be filling an important market need. »

In memory of the captain
Allan Leonard has passed away from heart failure following several personal tragedies. »

In memory of the professor
Lou Fabiano has passed away at the age of 46. »
Affiliate Interviews

Alexey talks about being caught in the Second Tulip Uprising, being caught in a coup in Latvia in the '90s and the problems with USA affiliate programs. »

Andy talks about how he manages his time to run so many sites, how he got into the industry and why he's a GPWA member. »

Jason discusses why he sticks with poker sites, gaining motivation from losing his day job and why affiliates should offer extra incentives. »

Anthony talks about running a "MySpace for poker fans," online versus land-based poker and good bankroll management. »

Arthur discusses the Russian-language market and its differences with the English-gaming market, plus the proper Russian way to drink vodka. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Michael talks about building a new brand from the ground up, the advantages and disadvantages of Flash-based casinos and how to come back from making a mistake. »
APCW Hall of Fame
The California Republican has bucked the party line and changed his mind on the UIGEA, supporting Rep. Barney Frank's bill to legalize and regulate online gaming.»
Seal of Approval
GPWA Seal of Approval program now 1,354 strong
The program has added 193 sites since its last update. »
Webmaster News "creamed" in Washington
The Washington Supreme Court ended Nick Jenkins' long court battle with a unanimous ruling that operated as an illegal bookmaker. »
Legalized online gambling moves one step closer to reality in U.S.
The House Financial Services Committee, headed by Barney Frank, approved a bill to license and regulate online gambling.  »
Issue 14