GPWA Times Magazine Issue 4 at a Glance

You know you're a gambling affiliate if...
What are the universal truths of life as a gambling affiliate webmaster? »

Online gaming meets social networking
As millions of users make Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, PerfSpot and Orkut their primary homes on the Web, portal webmasters need to consider how to reach this critical and growing audience. »

Social networking and e-mail marketing converge
As a channel, social media platforms are a necessary, integral next step for traditional e-mail service providers. »

Remote Control
The use of remote workers can be a daunting challenge. But if administered pragmatically, it can be an effective tool that creates a working environment that is rewarding for employees and management alike. »

Draft UIGEA regulations under fire
The regulations proposed by the U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve have generated so much public comment that no regulations have been implemented yet. »
Other Interviews
Interview with 

Leighton, an affiliate manager for Affiliate Club, provides some background on the pros and cons of working remotely in this Q & A. »
Affiliate Interviews

lemcevoy says his biggest fears are heights and sharks, so he wants to face those fears by sky diving and jumping into a shark cage before he dies. »

Adrian decided to go to medical school in Costa Rica and decided to stay, then found a side job as an affiliate webmaster in the online gambling industry. »

Diana says a lot has changed in the three years she's been an affiliate webmaster, including how much players know about the industry. »

Christine says being part of the online gaming industry is like exploring a new universe: "It is an ever-changing industry and you have to stay on your toes to keep up with the daily changes." »

Terry says the most common misconception about Canada is the climate, as the summers are hot and they only have snow for three or four months a year. "We do love our hockey and beer, though!" »

Bruce says he gets advice and constructive criticism from senior members of the GPWA. »
From the Forums
Are visitors searching for "Free casinos" worth attracting?
This issue's forum discussion finds affiliates offering different views on the value of players searching for free opportunities to gamble online. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

We love affiliate managers who say the last thing they read was the GPWA Times Magazine. »

Wilson says when he finished his education, he needed to find a job, any job. "The job I got just happened to be in the online gambling industry, and the rest is history!" »

Lambert says she learned everything she knows about affiliate marketing from Paddy Power's affiliates. »
Seal of Approval
GPWA seal program expands reach
The program now includes 415 recipient websites in 35 countries. »
Webmaster News
Expert: Canada not likely to ban online gaming
Gaming law expert Michael Lipton says Canadian history demonstrates that Canada is more likely to regulate rather than prohibit activities the public wants to see regulated. »
UltimateBet charged with unfair play
The site was alerted to suspicions of a player exhibiting "abnormally high winning statistics" and "having an unfair advantage during play." »
News analysis: Judge's ruling stacks odds against iMEGA
U.S District Court Judge Mary Cooper dismissed iMEGA's First Amendment claims on the merits, rejecting the argument that gambling is a form a free speech. »