GPWA Times Magazine Issue 5 at a Glance

Rebecca's top-10 characters in online poker
Want to know who the biggest characters in the online poker affiliate marketing world are? Look no further than Rebecca's top 10 list. »

How secure is your online business?
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing weapon of choice used by organized groups to target vulnerable Web services, particularly when an outage could result in millions of dollars in lost revenues. »

Freeroll marketing strategies continue to evolve
Freeroll tournaments are a popular marketing tool, but in order to make them more effective, affiliate programs have been forced to become more creative. »

America's 'Cold War' against online gambling
The U.S. Department of Justice has been waging a "Cold War" -- long on intimidation but short on prosecutions -- against soft targets within the United States or federal jurisdiction. »

You know you're a gambling affiliate if...
GPWA members chimed in with some funny (and true) observations on life as an affiliate webmaster. »
Affiliate Interviews

Tyson started playing poker as a kid, wagering Halloween candy. Now he's built one of the world's most successful online poker forums, »

A mother of five, Laurie insists that balance motherhood and working as an affiliate aren't as hard as one might think -- at least not when you have an amazing husband. »

Andy says he's always redesigning, tweaking and testing his site, and is doing his best to learn SEO. »

Ellen found the GPWA in 2002, and says that without it, she never would have gotten where she is in the business. »

Sharon joined the Maximum Poker League forum as a member, but it wasn't long before she was asked to be a moderator. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Cassar, formerly Miss Malta, dishes about what it was like to compete for the Miss International and Miss Earth titles, as well as all the reasons affiliates should promote Chilipoker. »

Bosci came to the online poker industry with a background in IT but loves his role as an affiliate manager. He also opens up about his eating habits, saying he's a serial cereal-for-dinner type of guy. »

Katerina says starting online gambling career in customer support has been one of the keys to her success, because she learned everything about the industry in that role. »

As the affiliate program for Playboy Gaming, PartnerLogic gives affiliates the opportunity to promote an online gaming experience tied to a world-famous brand. »

Former archaeologist Aaron O'Sullivan says he enjoys his work in the online gambling industry, but if he were ever to leave, he would "be happy to go back to digging holes again." »
Seal of Approval
The GPWA seal program has now reached 475 recipient websites across 35 countries!
GPWA program coordinator Kim DeForest reports, "It's a great feeling knowing that this program is something that our members believe in." »
Webmaster News
Everest Poker nabs World Series of Poker felt rights
The popular poker room signed a major agreement with Harrah's Entertainment that includes satellite rights and brand placement on all of the table-top felts at the World Series of Poker. »
Fun poker hand nicknames
Want to know what players mean when they say they folded "Darth Vader" when the flop came ace high? Check out our poker hand nicknames in the magazine, and see the rest at »
How do you use the World Series of Poker and other major poker events to help you attract and convert traffic?
Affiliates and affiliate managers alike chime in on how they utilize the World Series of Poker to drive and convert traffic. »
Issue 5