GPWA Times Magazine Issue 2 at a Glance

Rebecca's 10 favorite GPWA personalities
It's easy to love a lot of people in an industry full of dynamic, fun and passionate personalities. »

Promoting online poker to a global audience
Smart affiliates are taking advantage of the boom in online poker in eastern Europe, Germany, the Nordic regions and Russia. »

U.K. enters a new ad age for gambling
Britain introduced sweeping new laws last month that will overhaul the country's gaming industry for the 21st century, regulating everything from online gambling sites to television advertising. »

Malta: Riding high at the top of the White List
In two short years, Malta has quickly transformed itself into the world's online gaming capital. »

Online gambling case pits Antigua against U.S. and challenges WTO
There is nothing run-of-the-mill about the case that attorney Mark Mendel has been waging against the U.S. government before the World Trade Organization. »

Online gaming splinters into national markets
As the online gambling marketplace matures, solid localized products and marketing plans are required to successfully compete in each national market. »
Affiliate Interviews

It's safe to say that at 72 years old, Nandakishore has more breadth of experience than most affiliate webmasters. Born in India, he has a doctorate in German literature and a 30-year career in the IT industry, and he says he's still learning everything he can about the gambling industry. »

An affiliate with a Web consulting business on the side, Charlie has done work in the healthcare engineering, jewelry and gambling industries. He learned very quickly that there was no one-size-fits-all solution and that he needed to understand each industry on its own in order to succeed. »

After getting started in the online gambling industry with Ladbrokes, Dave started as a hobby. One year later, he decided to try to make it as a fulll-time online gambling affiliate. »

She gets to work at home, doesn't have to get up early, has no bosses or managers, gets to own her own business, earns good money and takes days off whenever she wants. Sounds like a dream job to us!  »

After building a cabin in the Patagonian Andes, Pablo got hooked on flying a plane because instead of a two-day mountain climbing adventure to get there, he could arrive in 30 minutes.  »

While "cat" would be the obvious choice, Kat says the experience of flying would be too good to pass on. »

Cheryle says she joined a poker forum specifically for Canadians, but found some parts lacking and decided to start one of her own. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Eliasson got his start in the industry working for Ladbrokes and joined Poker Host last year. »

Carlo says GA Partners is part of the GPWA to build trust with affiliates. »

Kate says the level of professionalism, the teamwork and the loyalty at WagerProfits exceed any of her other professional experiences. »
Seal of Approval
GPWA seal shows honor knows no borders
The program now includes webmasters from 23 countries in 6 continents, and is available in multiple languages. »
Issue 2