GPWA Times Magazine Issue 39 at a Glance

Following the lottery's rise
The secondary lottery has been slowly growing in popularity. But could it ever stack up to more traditional casino verticals? »

The gaming app revolution
The ongoing shift to mobile gaming — and more specifically, to gaming apps — presents a prime opportunity for affiliates and operators to adapt and cash in. But the time to act is now. »

How the GDPR will change the gaming affiliate business
With the effective date of the EU General Data Protection Regulation coming in May, online gaming and technology law expert Giulio Coraggio explains what affiliates need to know and how it will change the landscape of the industry. »
Affiliate Interviews

This affiliate got his start in domaining, and self-educated his way into the iGaming sphere. »

Atanas dishes on the Bulgarian iGaming market and why he doesn't worry about the volatility of sports betting. »

This affiliate's niche just happens to be one of his favorite pastimes: betting on sports on his smartphone. »

This affiliate helps keep Belgian gamblers on the right side of the law. »
From the Forums
Building the 'perfect' affiliate manager
There it is in black and white. The meaning of "affiliate marketing." »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

This affiliate manager discusses Bitcoin and how it can make the lives of affiliates and players that much easier. »

Lapalingo's focus on "bettertainment" means Sara Klimper is always working on providing players with a safe and entertaining environment. »
APCW Wall of Shame
As the mythical city of Atlantis sank as a result of its hubris, so too does Australia sink to the bottom of the online gambling ocean, never to be seen again. . .»
Issue 39