GPWA Times Magazine Issue 43 at a Glance

Independent affiliates: The end or a new beginning?
Lee Gwilliam breaks down how to compete and endure against super-affiliates in this new age of mergers, acquisitions and stringent regulations. »

Relationship status: It's complicated
Lee-Ann Johnstone shares her top tips for making the affiliate-affiliate manager partnership a healthy one and illustrates why it's crucial for both sides to work together to grow revenue. »

Evolve or perish
Faced with marketing to a digitally savvy audience that doesn't remember a world before the internet, affiliates must adjust to the times or face the consequences.  »

iGaming casino rankings
Take a look at the top casino site rankings of 2018, courtesy of, a new free online service available to GPWA private members and sponsors. »
Affiliate Interviews

Aksana has been involved in the iGaming affiliate business for over a decade and discusses how she has managed to change with the times and prevail. »

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Heather now resides in New Zealand, where she's living the good life. »

Tony explains that determination is one key to success as an affiliate, but you also need to listen to others who have been around a lot longer. »
From the Forums
To banner or not to banner?
There is some question as to whether banner ads are still an effective and worthwhile tool for webmasters.  »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Valery explains how she went from an English tutor to working in the iGaming industry with Alpha Affiliates. »

Lars' advice to other affiliates is to believe in yourself, stay yourself and take care of the players. »
APCW Wall of Shame
Back in September, Net Entertainment announced its tentative entrance into casino affiliate marketing, enticing players on its site with free games while promoting real-money bonuses and special offers to convert players at partner casinos.»
Issue 43