GPWA Times Magazine Issue 54 at a Glance

Articles Rankings
We list the most popular online gaming sites over the past year, along with their change in ranking compared to the year before. »

Land of Opportunity
As the world continues to shift and digitalization proliferates as a result of the pandemic, the importance of developing communities for affiliates and operators is more important than ever. »

Forecasting the Future
The fickle nature of the iGaming industry makes it vital for sports betting affiliates and operators to think forward. »

Maple Leaf Under the Microscope
With Ontario iGaming still in its infancy, here is a road map to success for affiliates in this populous and potentially lucrative market. »
Affiliate Interviews

Sports bettor-turned-affiliate, "Theratman" isn't stressing the details as he and his team form a unique mix of skills. »

He's been a professional poker player, trader and VIP manager, but these days "peter-burton" is enjoying his career as an iGaming affiliate in the Land Down Under. »

After 25 years in the business, "ocreditor" still has his hands on the pulse of the online gambling industry. »
From the Forums
Does Social Media Help SEO?
With social media in our everyday lives more than ever, can the two play a role for each other? »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Nick says that all of the skills he's acquired in life have contributed to his success in iGaming, even when he was a 16-year-old working in marketing. »

Even though he started his professional career outside of the iGaming industry, Chris quickly learned the relationship between an affiliate and an affiliate manager has to work both ways, and isn't a one-way street. »
APCW Wall of Shame
Back in August, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security made the preposterous statement that gambling operators have to prove their ads can't reach people under the age of 24.»
Issue 54