Russian Federation Affiliate Interviews

This Russian webmaster believes that restrictions on online gambling are a good thing, though domain filtering isn't currently as strong in Russia as it is in China, so it's easy enough to get around.
Hometown and Living In: Russian Federation

Paruyr discusses keeping his site unbiased, the latest from the Russian market and what it takes for a bookmaker to earn a 5/5 on his site.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown: Yerevan Living In: Moscow, Russian Federation

Arthur discusses the Russian-language market and its differences with the English-gaming market, plus the proper Russian way to drink vodka.
Hometown and Living In: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Aleksey Batishev is a proud moderator of the Russian-language forum on the GPWA. "(The) GPWA is not only a source of information, but also a source of networking and invaluable experience," he says. "I hope the community and our Russian forum keep growing."
Topic: Poker