Darren launched his first affiliate website back in 2011 with content about his own experiences and opinions on the latest slots.
Topic: Poker

APCW Wall of Shame: Well, that didn't take long
The prospect of online poker legislation in California for 2017 is dead. Plus, some previous Wall of Shame Inductees.

From DJ to webmaster, this affiliate has always made his own way.
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Affiliate Interview: From blogging to sports betting
This sports betting affiliate says blogging about his latest project has helped himself and the community.

APCW Hall of Fame: Previous APCW Hall of Fame inductees
These past inductees have taken great pains to strengthen the gaming industry, earning them a spot in the coveted Hall of Fame.

APCW Hall of Fame: New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
New Jersey gaming regulators approved PokerStars for operation in the Garden State and have seen their online poker revenues soar as players return to the tables.

Online poker revenues in New Jersey have been declining since spring 2014. Will the world's most powerful online poker operator bring players back to the table?

Webmaster News: California online poker bill heads to Assembly
The regulation of online poker in California took a key step forward in late April when the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee unanimously passed AB 2863.

We get an in-depth look at the iGaming industry's "fossil record" in Poland from Blazej, who, coincidentally, has a Master's degree in archaeology.

This U.K.-based poker affiliate thinks the best way to get people playing online is to reintroduce physical decks of cards into the game, rather than relying on a random number generator.
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GPWA member pocketfives says the UIGEA was a wound that never fully healed for the U.S. online poker industry, including his site, and that Black Friday was the nail in the coffin.
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Webmaster News: Nevada issues warrant for arrest of former Seals With Clubs chairman
Bryan Micon, who ran the Bitcoin-fueled poker site before moving to Antigua after his home was raided by Nevada Gaming Control Agents, was charged with operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system.

APCW Wall of Shame: PokerStars
PokerStars has changed its terms and conditions for affiliates, retroactively changing lifetime revenue share to a two-year sunset on revenues from players sent by affiliates.
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Webmaster News: Santa Ysabel plan to offer Internet gambling in California hits roadblock
Both state and federal authorities filed lawsuits seeking to shut down the tribe's online gambling operations.

The rise of daily fantasy sports is eerily similar to the online poker boom of the mid-2000s.

APCW Wall of Shame: California Assemblyman Mike Gatto
Mike Gatto introduced a bill that would regulate the state's online poker industry. But it was laden with terms that would effectively limit the market to a pittance of its potential.

GPWA member scandinaviangaming has 200 sites to look after, but credits his "A team" with helping him keep everything up and running.
Hometown and Living In: Uruguay

Gaming attorney Martin Owens explains why the Santa Ysabel is within its legal rights to operate an online gambling site in California.

A wave of online poker players is taking the daily fantasy sports industry by storm, once again using an analytical approach to gain an edge.

Affiliates are not accustomed to the bureaucracies they are facing as New Jersey regulates online gaming.

While New Jersey's online gaming operators as a whole have been criticized for not doing enough to work with land-based Atlantic City casinos, these four brands have been cross-promoting away.

The instability of Bitcoin's value makes using it to gamble at online sites like SealsWithClubs a volatile proposition.

TJ discusses bad business practices, the strength of mini sites and dealing with content theft.
Topic: Poker

Mark discusses his plans to move away from just poker, the underserved sit-and-go market and his opinions on Sheldon Adelson.
Topic: Poker

Jon discusses how he decided upon his market niche, the challenges of keeping up to date on multiple jurisdictions and why he doesn't post on the forums more often.
Topic: Poker

Alex discusses marketing for charities, growing up with bet365 and competing with PokerStars.
Topic: Poker

Sylita discusses how her background in professional basketball helped her get started as an affiliate, why she sticks to one language per site and why she hasn't yet opened a sports betting site.
Hometown and Living In: Virginia, United States

New Jersey's online casinos opened Thanksgiving weekend, but not without a few -- OK, more than a few -- technical difficulties.

In the wake of setbacks such as the UIGEA and Black Friday, several states have introduced or are moving to introduce legal, regulated online poker.

Webmaster News: Barton, PPA believe time is now for federal online poker legislation.
The Texas representative has introduced the Internet Poker Freedom Act to Congress.

Keith discusses learning poker strategy, making money off no deposit bonuses and watching Dan Kelly's poker career.
Topic: Poker

Ryan discusses the popularity of heads-up poker, finding a gap in the market and managing the time he spends posting on forums.
Topic: Poker

Claudiu discusses sharks vs. fish, which poker brands are not to be trusted and why affiliates shouldn't promote brands that throw their weight around.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Bucharest, Romania

MJ discusses why it's important to work with programs that treat players well.
Hometown and Living In: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

APCW Wall of Shame: PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg
The PokerStars founder appears to have flouted DOJ restrictions on his managerial role when he got involved in PokerStars's attempt to buy the Atlantic Club Casino.

Webmaster News: Ultimate Poker launches first regulated real-money gaming site in Nevada
Despite some snags with the geolocation barriers, the online poker room reports a "great response."

Webmaster News: PokerStars beat in court, Atlantic Club can pursue other suitors
PokerStars has lost its exclusive negotiating rights after evidence showed that its founder may have been involved in the negotiations despite the terms of the company's settlement with the DOJ.

Webmaster News: DOJ appoints administrator to return Full Tilt funds to U.S. players
Garden City Group will serve as Claims Administrator to refund the players who held balances with Full Tilt Poker when the DOJ seized the company.

Two Amaya execs discuss a range of current events in the online gaming industry.

Balancing the "fish" and the "sharks" in a poker community can be difficult -- and has proven itself a highly controversial issue.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

PokerStars' application to purchase the Atlantic Club Casino in New Jersey in the wake of its DOJ indictment on Black Friday has sparked some heated debate.

Jimmy talks about the effect of increased information access on the sports betting scene, New Jersey's fight to regulates sports betting the role of big events in drawing traffic.
Hometown and Living In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jay discusses his background as an SEO specialist, how his sites have developed over the years and the skills needed to be a successful affiliate.
Topic: Poker

APCW Wall of Shame: PokerStars
PokerStars may have bailed out Full Tilt's players and its own non-U.S. players, but it did so for its own reasons--and it's decided to leave Full Tilt's affiliates hanging in the process.

The state of online poker is uncertain, and poker affiliates should be prepared for anything.
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Webmaster News: Nevada could pool online poker players with other states
The Nevada Legislature is considering a bill that would allow the governor to create compacts with other states to combine their online poker player pools.

APCW Hall of Fame: Judge Jack Weinstein
The federal judge ruled poker to be a game of skill more than a game of chance, and reprimanded the DOJ for improperly vetting its expert witness.

In a unique memorandom, the U.S. Dept. of Justice declares poker a game of skill under the Illegal Gambling Business Act, and draws a distinction between "an illegal gambling business" and "illegal gambling itself."

Full Tilt and PokerStars have both settled to pay massive fines to the U.S. DOJ — and PokerStars has purchased Full Tilt.

A.J. Wiley (Terminal One), Face Up Gaming Affiliates  - Issue 22, October 2012
A.J. discusses the subscription model, the challenges of complying with U.S. poker regulations and how to effectively market Face Up Gaming.
Topic: Poker

APCW Wall of Shame: Groupe Bernard Tapie
Groupe Bernard Tapie wasted a lot of people's time planning to buy Full Tilt Poker, only to back out when it realized it would, of course, have to pay Full Tilt's players the money owed them.

Tony discusses the importance of the personal touch in branding and illustrates with pictures of his cats.

Black Friday and the DOJ's reinterpretation of the Wire Act both shook up the legal landscape for online gaming.

The Full Tilt online fiasco impacted land-based gaming as well
The executive director of business development at Foxwoods Development Company discusses the effects of Black Friday on the brick-and-mortar casino industry.

States should tell the DOJ to mind its own business
Gaming attorney Martin Owens weighs in on Black Friday and the futility of prohibiting online gaming.

Be neutral, be agnostic and be ready to act quickly
Lou Castle of Shuffle Master thinks social gaming has a role to play in the real-money online gaming world.

What happens next? Keep your eye on the lotteries!
Kimberly Arnold of the Innovation Group discusses the relationship between lotteries and casino gaming.

A birthday to remember
John Pappas gives his predictions for the future of online gaming in the U.S.

Webmaster News: Groupe Bernard Tapie acquisition of Full Tilt Poker falls through
The French investment group withdrew its plans to buy the legally troubled company when it determined it would not be able to refund all the money that Full Tilt owes its players.

It's critical for affiliates to know their audience when promoting poker, bingo, casino games and sports betting.

The role of brand recognition in affiliate marketing can be a tricky one for affiliates to navigate.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Gary Menges discusses his online poker league, merchandising and why he wants to go back in time.
Topic: Poker

Daniel talks "friki" betting, upcoming projects and client loyalty.
Topics: Poker | Sportsbook
Hometown: Ferrol, Spain Living In: La Coruna, Spain

Nicky discusses rakebacks, stolen content and the poker market in Serbia.
Topic: Poker

Aidan talks offline marketing, free stuff and the importance of patience.
Hometown and Living In: Leicester, England, United Kingdom

APCW Wall of Shame: Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar
The public faces of Full Tilt Poker give a masterclass in how not to handle a PR problem... or a business.

Dmitri Brodov discusses recent developments in Russian gambling.

Nick discusses online poker and his experience in the video game industry.
Topic: Poker

Katy Stafford talks branding, payments and treating every affiliate as a VIP client.

Black Friday has changed the landscape of working with poker affiliate programs. Here's how to navigate it.

Webmaster News: Absolute Poker founder pleads guilty to bank fraud and money laundering
Brent Beckley entered a guilty plea in the case the U.S. DOJ has brought against Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

The story of Full Tilt Poker's seizure by the DOJ and subsequent financial issues, as told over (fake) Facebook.

Black Friday hit many poker affiliates hard, but there are things you can do to protect your brand and your revenue stream.

Two industry experts debate whether it makes the most sense to focus on state or federal efforts to develop sensible iGaming regulation.

The California Senate has decided not to vote on intrastate online gambling this year, but its reasons for the delay are not sound.

Graham Rowlands discusses his websites, the pros and cons of the industry, and the benefits of old-fashioned paper over software.
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Affiliate Interview: If he could, he'd work 25/7!
Robert discusses the Romanian online gambling market.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Bucharest, Bucureşti, Romania

Gil Galperin discusses delivering high-quality content in multiple languages.
Hometown and Living In: Tel Aviv, Israel

Hussein Chatin discusses the importance of coaching, how to deal with plagiariasm and some tips for SEO.

Hilary discusses leprechauns, casino marketing as a family business and why she moved to Sweden.

Carl-Johan discusses the Swedish online gambling market, the importance of links to SEO and how he structures his time.
Hometown and Living In: Stockholm, Sweden

Billy discusses how he started a Scottish poker forum, why rev share is better than CPA and why he bets on "poker-themed" horses.
Topic: Poker

Full Tilt Poker's loss of its Alderney gambling license is just the latest in a series of bad news for the company, but the AGCC did grant a request to delay the regulatory hearing until September.

Black Friday created likely permanent changes in the U.S. online poker market, but there are still opportunities out there for U.S. poker affiliates.

With PokerStars and Full Tilt out of the picture and Absolute Poker not accepting new U.S. deposits, other online poker rooms are moving to grab their traffic -- or to stay out of the path of the U.S. government.

The DOJ's actions impacted U.S. citizens who played online poker, which is not illegal, and froze the targeted companies' ability to do business in jurisdictions where their operations are entirely legal.

Webmaster News: Washington, D.C. becomes first U.S. jurisdiction to regulate online gambling
A provision in the Washington budget bill allows the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board to offer games on the Internet.

Vin reconstructs the events of Black Friday as seen from the Internet, including witness commentary and a timeline of press releases.

Introduction: The U.S. goes to war on online poker
PokerStars and Full Tilt's exit from the U.S. market after indictments for money laundering and other offenses have had substantial repercussions throughout the U.S. online gaming industry.

Peter discusses his horse racing sites, black and white hat SEO, and the importance of building a brand.

APCW Wall of Shame: Daniel Tzvetkoff
The former payment processing entrepreneur was the key informant in the DOJ's case to take down Full Tilt and PokerStars -- two companies he was in legal hot water for stealing from.

George discusses managing a variety of brands, why he thinks overregulation is the biggest challenge facing the industry and why he doesn't have any good party stories.

Martin talks about his background in Czech sportsbooks, marketing with David Coulthard and why he uses multiple software providers.

James discusses the World Cup, marketing bet365's non-sportsbook sites and what makes the bet365 casino special.

Travis talks about why he started a bingo site, direct versus three-way links and what he wishes he'd known when he first started.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Pennsylvania, United States

Benjamin discusses his different target niches, why he thinks Google prefers a site with a dedicated server and the effects of France opening up its online gambling market.

RBS discusses why he sticks to poker-related sites, why he's against smoking bans and playing in the WSOP.
Topic: Poker

Webmaster News: Full Tilt, PokerStars leave Washington
The two companies pulled out of the Washington market following a state Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of a law making Internet gambling a felony.

Webmaster News: WSOP to enter Italian poker market
Caesars Interactive Entertainment has announced a partnership with Italian poker operator Microgame to bring the WSOP brand to Italy.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

While there are certainly challenges to running a poker affiliate site, there are still plenty of opportunities to turn a profit.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Affiliates need more than cute graphics to build an online poker community in a competitive market.

Alexey talks about being caught in the Second Tulip Uprising, being caught in a coup in Latvia in the '90s and the problems with USA affiliate programs.

Andy talks about how he manages his time to run so many sites, how he got into the industry and why he's a GPWA member.

Affiliate Interview: He gets up early to get it done
Jason discusses why he sticks with poker sites, gaining motivation from losing his day job and why affiliates should offer extra incentives.
Topic: Poker

Anthony talks about running a "MySpace for poker fans," online versus land-based poker and good bankroll management.
Topic: Poker

After spending 20 years managing a bowling center, Janet decided that 70- to 80-hour work weeks weren't for her. Now, as a full-time employee at GamTrak, she likes working from home.

Sarah Psaila (, Affiliate Program  - Issue 13, June 2010
Betsafe prides itself on being a company that maintains close contact with customers and business partners alike.

As Internet marketers continue to go social, community building remains a hot topic, but launching an online poker forum will not create an immediate cash cow.

Antonio Esfandiari is "The Face" of newly launched Victory Poker, but its secret weapon is CEO Dan Fleyshman.
Topics: Marketing | Other | Poker

The GPWA Times Magazine goes one-on-one with Victory Poker pro and 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Antonio Esfandiari's longtime friendship with Phil Laak resulted in "I Bet You," one of the most memorable shows involving poker personalities in TV history.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

The legal landscape for online gambling in Europe is changing quickly, and nowhere are the changes more dramatic than in two of Europe's largest markets -- France and the U.K.

As competition among poker affiliates intensifies, it's becoming increasingly difficult to fast-track your success as a poker affiliate. Jeremy Enke gets advice right from the horse's mouth, a cadre of knowledgeable poker affiliates who were willing to offer words of wisdom on how to succeed in the crowded market.

Online poker might be coming to California, but it's not going to get there without a fight.

Webmaster News: Merge Gaming adds to poker network
Merge Gaming has agreed to migrate the online poker gaming activities of Jazette Enterprises to the Merge Gaming platform.
Topics: Other | Poker

Boris Chaykin has played a major role in making into one of Eastern Europe's most popular all-in-one gaming platforms.

Affiliate Interview: "We're all family in the GPWA!"
The man behind, "hakank" says he's thankful for GPWA members who helped him out when he was in a bind.
Hometown and Living In: Gustafs, Sweden

He speaks Hungarian, Romanian, English, German, Japanese and Spanish.
Topics: Games | Poker

Moore says it's important to form bonds with folks in the online community, and that proved to be true when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Hastings quit his "day job" when he realized he was earning more as an online gaming affiliate. He says the ability to teleport would be the best super power and that he's a big fan of the GPWA's "Who sent this money?" forum.

Benjamin says immediate support is the key to building successful relationships with affiliates and strives to find resolutions to issues affiliates bring up in less than 24 hours.

Webmaster News: Full Tilt circumvents Kentucky case
The online poker company took pre-emptive action against the commonwealth to ensure that its domain could not be seized.

In the online gambling industry, a decade is practically a lifetime. As the calendar turns from the aughts to the teens, we look back at the previous decade and see an era marked by rapid growth, market- and industry-altering earthquakes, arrests, trials, recession, and new and emerging growth areas.

For affiliates, the name of the game is converting leads into sales, so keeping abreast of operator promotions could give you a leg up on the competition.

The recent downswing in the global economy has taken its toll on the poker affiliate industry, but Jeremy Enke offers some advice on how poker affiliates can continue growing their businesses and increase monthly revenues during these difficult economic times.

Despite the UIGEA, cheating scandals, recession and the indictment of payment processors, the U.S. dominates the international market for online poker.

Vin Narayanan took a little time off from covering the World Series of Poker to sample some high-end Las Vegas parties thrown by online poker rooms.
Topics: Other | Poker

Rebecca Liggero provides an in-depth look of the Everest Poker presence at the World Series of Poker, with plenty of pictures of the party atmosphere.
Topics: Other | Poker

Webmaster News: Russian gambling market takes a hit
All gambling activity in Russia is now confined to four remote areas, and poker is no longer classified as a sport, resulting in the closure of all of the poker clubs in the country.

Littlefield is relatively new to the online gambling industry, but she is soaking up the experience, using forums and social media to get to know affiliates beyond their business relationship.

Karim Wilkins reveals why he started and who he would choose to play with at his dream poker table. The best part? Elvis would deal.
Topic: Poker

Aleksey Batishev is a proud moderator of the Russian-language forum on the GPWA. "(The) GPWA is not only a source of information, but also a source of networking and invaluable experience," he says. "I hope the community and our Russian forum keep growing."
Topic: Poker

Introduction: Catch spammers while you sleep!
Interviews with GPWA members Daera, BetPartners, casinoinfogr, pumacat and jinnia.

The lead-up to the annual World Series of Poker is a great chance for poker affiliates to cash in on converting new players looking for satellites.

Blogging can help affiliates develop authority, exposure and a personal brand.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Kathleen talks about her username and her site's name, why she went the forum route and her experience surviving a horrific car crash.
Topic: Poker

Paul discusses teaming up with other rakeback sites, how he got his nickname and whether he really let the air out of an MP's tires.
Topic: Poker

Steve talks about hosting live poker events, the importance of private freerolls and why his cats hate his job.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shaun talks about running a site solely dedicated to rakeback, getting certified by Affiliate Guard Dog and being an Irishman in Costa Rica.
Topic: Poker

Breaking into the poker market is a competitive endeavor, so affiliates need to play smart.

Catania Consulting dishes on the probe it conducted on behalf of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to vet UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.
Topics: Other | Poker | Security

Webmaster News: California online poker closer to reality
A bill legalizing and regulating online poker has been sent to the California State Senate Appropriations Committee.

Webmaster News: The GPWA sits down with Congressman Wexler and PPA chairman D'Amato
Rep. Wexler and D'Amato are working together to get the UIGEA overturned.

Margaret of PKR Affiliates discusses marketing in 10 languages, why the PKR staff is so friendly and why she wants to be Rebecca Ligero.
Topic: Poker

Heather talks about being an industry old-timer, the effects of the UIGEA and her attempts to develop a payment processing solution.

Kolbein discusses why he works with Norwegian rather than Spanish markets, why he's fine with using English-language banners on Norwegian sites and why he doesn't go to the beach very often.
Living In: Alir, Spain

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites.

Tyson started playing poker as a kid, wagering Halloween candy. Now he's built one of the world's most successful online poker forums,
Topic: Poker

Ellen found the GPWA in 2002, and says that without it, she never would have gotten where she is in the business.
Topic: Poker

Sharon joined the Maximum Poker League forum as a member, but it wasn't long before she was asked to be a moderator.
Topic: Poker

Bosci came to the online poker industry with a background in IT but loves his role as an affiliate manager. He also opens up about his eating habits, saying he's a serial cereal-for-dinner type of guy.
Topic: Poker

Webmaster News: Everest Poker nabs World Series of Poker felt rights
The popular poker room signed a major agreement with Harrah's Entertainment that includes satellite rights and brand placement on all of the table-top felts at the World Series of Poker.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Webmaster News: Fun poker hand nicknames
Want to know what players mean when they say they folded "Darth Vader" when the flop came ace high? Check out our poker hand nicknames in the magazine, and see the rest at
Topics: Other | Poker

Webmaster News: How do you use the World Series of Poker and other major poker events to help you attract and convert traffic?
Affiliates and affiliate managers alike chime in on how they utilize the World Series of Poker to drive and convert traffic.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Want to know who the biggest characters in the online poker affiliate marketing world are? Look no further than Rebecca's top 10 list.
Topics: Other | Poker

Freeroll tournaments are a popular marketing tool, but in order to make them more effective, affiliate programs have been forced to become more creative.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

Webmaster News: UltimateBet charged with unfair play
The site was alerted to suspicions of a player exhibiting "abnormally high winning statistics" and "having an unfair advantage during play."
Topic: Poker

We love affiliate managers who say the last thing they read was the GPWA Times Magazine.
Topic: Poker

Wilson says when he finished his education, he needed to find a job, any job. "The job I got just happened to be in the online gambling industry, and the rest is history!"

Terry says the most common misconception about Canada is the climate, as the summers are hot and they only have snow for three or four months a year. "We do love our hockey and beer, though!"
Topic: Poker
Living In: Ontario, Canada

Bruce says he gets advice and constructive criticism from senior members of the GPWA.
Topic: Poker

When Robin was searching for the best way to keep track of her online casino login information, she realized that other players might like to have all that information in one spot as well.

When Leighton interviewed for the job, she had no idea what an affiliate was and had never played in an online casino, but she learned quickly on the fly, earning a nomination for a Best Affiliate Manager award.

Tomas (tomas_ellmountgaming), Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program  - Issue 2, October 2007
Eliasson got his start in the industry working for Ladbrokes and joined Poker Host last year.
Topic: Poker

She gets to work at home, doesn't have to get up early, has no bosses or managers, gets to own her own business, earns good money and takes days off whenever she wants. Sounds like a dream job to us!
Living In: Minsk, Belarus

After building a cabin in the Patagonian Andes, Pablo got hooked on flying a plane because instead of a two-day mountain climbing adventure to get there, he could arrive in 30 minutes.

Cheryle says she joined a poker forum specifically for Canadians, but found some parts lacking and decided to start one of her own.
Topic: Poker

Smart affiliates are taking advantage of the boom in online poker in eastern Europe, Germany, the Nordic regions and Russia.

As the online gambling marketplace matures, solid localized products and marketing plans are required to successfully compete in each national market.
Topics: Marketing | Poker

The World Series of Poker will not accept third-party registrations from Internet poker rooms that accept U.S. players in real-money games, and is prohibiting operators and affiliates from utilizing WSOP logos and the terms "World Series of Poker" and "WSOP" in official promotions.