Canada Affiliate Interviews

GPWA member edgarf76 says reputation is important for affiliate programs, and that he prefers to develop a rapport with affiliate managers based on trust rather than hard closes for top positions.

Jen talks about the important aspects of a bingo room, working with her brother and why she doesn't like talking to affiliate managers on Skype.
Topic: Bingo

Jimmy talks about the effect of increased information access on the sports betting scene, New Jersey's fight to regulates sports betting the role of big events in drawing traffic.
Hometown and Living In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tony discusses the importance of the personal touch in branding and illustrates with pictures of his cats.

Graham Rowlands discusses his websites, the pros and cons of the industry, and the benefits of old-fashioned paper over software.
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brad discusses being a professional ice hockey player, the differences between European and North American ice hockey, and keyword-rich versus general domains.
Topic: Sportsbook

GPWA member pumacat predicts that one day, people will be able to order slot machines to their homes and make deposits with their credit cards.
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Antoine talks about why he doesn't drink, why he likes to keep his site small and why he thinks he might be in the wrong business.
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Living In: Caribbean

Steve talks about hosting live poker events, the importance of private freerolls and why his cats hate his job.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A mother of five, Laurie insists that balance motherhood and working as an affiliate aren't as hard as one might think -- at least not when you have an amazing husband.

Terry says the most common misconception about Canada is the climate, as the summers are hot and they only have snow for three or four months a year. "We do love our hockey and beer, though!"
Topic: Poker
Living In: Ontario, Canada

Cheryle says she joined a poker forum specifically for Canadians, but found some parts lacking and decided to start one of her own.
Topic: Poker