This affiliate brings players into the fold with the help of a moustache-twirling Victorian persona, putting an emphasis on branding and uniqueness.

This affiliate moved from IT into affiliation after creating a forum specializing in sports betting in Portugal and Brazil.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Lisbon, Portugal

From Asia to European countries and beyond, this affiliate has seen success in sports betting.
Topic: Sportsbook

The FIFA World Cup kicks off this summer in Russia, meaning there are prime opportunities for iGaming affiliates to increase their revenue stream.

With the U.S. on the brink of a massive iGaming expansion, affiliates should be on the alert and fully prepared to cash in.

Affiliate Interview: The gambling domain demand
This affiliate got his start in domaining, and self-educated his way into the iGaming sphere.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown: Erevan, Armenia Living In: Barcelona, Spain

Affiliate Interview: Gaming in Bulgaria
Atanas dishes on the Bulgarian iGaming market and why he doesn't worry about the volatility of sports betting.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This affiliate's niche just happens to be one of his favorite pastimes: betting on sports on his smartphone.
Topic: Sportsbook

Affiliate Interview: For the love of sports
This research scientist turned his passion for sports betting into a second career.
Topic: Sportsbook

This affiliate started his site to help players avoid unscrupulous operators.
Hometown and Living In: Chandīgarh, India

Affiliate Interview: Do what you love
The key to happiness is to get paid for something you'd do in your spare time anyway, according to this affiliate.
Topic: Sportsbook

Affiliate Interview: From blogging to sports betting
This sports betting affiliate says blogging about his latest project has helped himself and the community.

Having worked in the online gaming industry since 2010, Erik Karu went from head of online marketing at OlyBet to head of affiliates at OEG Partners.

Ioannis Pagounis was drawn to this industry because of the limitless potential. He stays on top of the most recent trends by working with Tipbet.

After spending six years working for bet365 in operations, fraud and risk management, and administration, Jeff Chen has spent the last year working with affiliates as a performance marketing manager.
Topic: Sportsbook

This Romanian affiliate took his lumps when his first site launched — now he's reaping the rewards of the lessons learned.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Bucharest, Romania

Affiliate Interview: Moving from IT to iGaming
Before launching his affiliate site, Gary owned an IT solutions business. He says growing pains in any business can be tough, and learning SEO is the only way to go for affiliates.
Topic: Sportsbook

This serial entrepreneur is taking the Portuguese online gambling world by storm.
Topic: Sportsbook

We get an in-depth look at the iGaming industry's "fossil record" in Poland from Blazej, who, coincidentally, has a Master's degree in archaeology.

Viewership numbers for women's sporting events are up, as evidenced by the huge numbers seen during last year's Women's World Cup. The amount bet on women's sporting events is much lower, in part because there is less information available to potential punters.

From the GPWA Forums: We lost 60-70% of our organic traffic – what happened?
GPWA Forum members help a fellow webmaster diagnose and find a solution to a problem that caused his sports betting affiliate site to suddenly see a massive drop in traffic.
Topics: Other | Sportsbook

Stefan is an "unashamed Jean-Claude Van Damme fan" who believes strongly in Favourit's social gaming component.
Topic: Sportsbook

GPWA member stassaf believes the customer-focused mission of his odds comparison sites will keep bettors coming back.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown: Haifa, Israel Living In: Israel

GPWA member angrymob loves working in the horse racing industry, even if that means he works every day but Christmas.

The team behind Academia das Apostas is a group of young gents taking the sportsbook affiliate marketing industry by storm.
Topic: Sportsbook
Living In: Porto, Portugal

Affiliate Interview: An affiliate who has seen it all
"Casino Dave" has been an affiliate since 2005 and has lived through the ups and downs of the industry.

Vangelis describes the confusion surrounding Greece's position on licensed vs. unlicensed gambling sites.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Athens, Greece

Andy takes a lot of pride in his site's tipsters competition.
Topic: Sportsbook

Krzysztof stresses a data-driven approach to sports betting.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Cracow, Poland

GPWA member scandinaviangaming has 200 sites to look after, but credits his "A team" with helping him keep everything up and running.
Hometown and Living In: Uruguay

Trev runs fantasy sports affiliate sites and takes on the tricky balancing act between work and family.

Dave discusses his background in brick-and-mortar betting shops, the risks of free bet sites and the decline of horse racing in the U.K.
Hometown and Living In: Durham, England, United Kingdom

Recent changes in the U.K.'s regulatory scheme will impact affiliates market the World Cup.

Affiliate Interview: "Content is my SEO."
Hristo discusses the cost of living in Bulgaria, the challenges of self-discipline and working on content rather than SEO.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Montana, Montana, Bulgaria

Thodoris discusses smartphone addiction, live streaming sports and the state of market regulation in Greece.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Thessaloniki, Greece

Peter discusses the sports betting market in Slovakia, running sites in both English and Slovak, and not taking your smartphone everywhere with you.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Kosice, Slovakia

A well-designed World Cup campaign can turn new and one-off punters into long-term players.

Affiliates should avoid these common pitfalls if they want to make the most of the opportunities the World Cup presents.
Topics: SEO | Sportsbook

bet365 offers multiple betting products through its program; Gavin works predominantly with the sportsbook.
Topic: Sportsbook

Introduction: Brazilian Bonanza
This year's World Cup provides a wealth of opportunities for sportsbook affiliates.

WBX Affiliates is a betting exchange that offers 50 percent revenue share for affiliates.
Topic: Sportsbook

Paruyr discusses keeping his site unbiased, the latest from the Russian market and what it takes for a bookmaker to earn a 5/5 on his site.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown: Yerevan Living In: Moscow, Russian Federation

Florin talks about finding good tipsters, the economics of offering site picks and his secret time management software.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Bucharest, Romania

Andy discusses how his site evolved, the importance of exclusive deals and how to make money on a free bets site.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

Shane discusses how he makes money at arbitrage trading, why people advertise it as "risk free" and the challenges of providing good arbitrage-related content.
Topic: Sportsbook

Harry discusses free bet comparisons, what he looks for in an affiliate program, and the importance of never giving up.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Jimmy talks about the effect of increased information access on the sports betting scene, New Jersey's fight to regulates sports betting the role of big events in drawing traffic.
Hometown and Living In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"In-play betting" and mobile betting are driving the bulk of the growth in the sportsbook sector.

Colossus Bets is a sportsbook that offers enormous guaranteed jackpots.
Topic: Sportsbook

Gary talks about the industrial accident that caused him to change careers, why he wants to sponsor a televised horse race and getting trapped in the Google Sandbox.
Topic: Sportsbook

Mathew discusses social media marketing, the importance of good content and how to foster a sense of community online.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Dan discusses why he focuses on sportsbooks, how being an affiliate differs from being an operator, and creating content for Euro2012.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Zagreb, Croatia

Ryan discusses the counterintuitive economics of offering tips, the pitfalls of moving from a U.S. to a U.K. host, and the perils of giving away anything for free.
Topics: Bingo | Sportsbook

Nigel discusses the iGB Affiliate Awards, player retention strategies and the crossover between the sportsbook and casino markets.
Topic: Sportsbook

Webmaster News: Unibet signs agreement to acquire Bet24
The acquisition cost Unibet 13.5 million Euros.

Webmaster News: William Hill reaches deal with Passoker
Passoker is a non-skilled sports betting game that will soon be offered as part of William Hill Online.

It's critical for affiliates to know their audience when promoting poker, bingo, casino games and sports betting.

Daniel talks "friki" betting, upcoming projects and client loyalty.
Topics: Poker | Sportsbook
Hometown: Ferrol, Spain Living In: La Coruna, Spain

Aidan talks offline marketing, free stuff and the importance of patience.
Hometown and Living In: Leicester, England, United Kingdom

2012 is going to be a big year for soccer, so affiliates should know which events to target and how.

Webmaster News: William Hill fires seven managers, resumes online operations in Israel
William Hill's chief executive reportedly discovered a plan by the managers to create a rival company.
Topics: Other | Sportsbook

Webmaster News: Betsson reaches deal with Arsenal Football Club
Betsson is now Arsenal's Official Betting Partner and will provide betting services through a new brand, GunnersGaming.

Webmaster News: Itai Zak appointed as new CEO of Sports Betting Tech
Zak comes to Sports Betting Tech from Spiral Solutions, where he served as executive VP of eGaming products.
Topic: Sportsbook

Sinead has tips for sportsbook affiliates on how to choose your bookies, promote them effectively and make your site rise above the competition.

Online sportsbooks are using live streaming technology to allow sports bettors to wager on events as they watch them.

Annual or biennial events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, can be excellent opportunities for affiliates to convert new sports bettors -- if they implement a smart marketing strategy.

Webmaster News: Germany to regulate online sports betting
Germany will open applications for seven online sports betting licenses and has set a tax rate for online bookmaking.

Brad discusses being a professional ice hockey player, the differences between European and North American ice hockey, and keyword-rich versus general domains.
Topic: Sportsbook

George discusses managing a variety of brands, why he thinks overregulation is the biggest challenge facing the industry and why he doesn't have any good party stories.

Martin talks about his background in Czech sportsbooks, marketing with David Coulthard and why he uses multiple software providers.

James discusses the World Cup, marketing bet365's non-sportsbook sites and what makes the bet365 casino special.

Webmaster News: "creamed" in Washington
The Washington Supreme Court ended Nick Jenkins' long court battle with a unanimous ruling that operated as an illegal bookmaker.

Alexey talks about being caught in the Second Tulip Uprising, being caught in a coup in Latvia in the '90s and the problems with USA affiliate programs.

After spending 20 years managing a bowling center, Janet decided that 70- to 80-hour work weeks weren't for her. Now, as a full-time employee at GamTrak, she likes working from home.

The GPWA Times Magazine World Cup round table
Dean Leyland, the senior online acquisitions executive for Totesport, and sportsbook affiliate Martja Vorgic (aka "buyonaut" on the GPWA forums) join Gary Trask to talk about their plans to use the World Cup to convert players.

APCW Wall of Shame: The National Football League
The NFL has led the professional sports leagues' crusade against online sportsbooks, and now, it's succeeded in blocking Delaware from allowing single-game wagering on sports.

Sarah Psaila (, Affiliate Program  - Issue 13, June 2010
Betsafe prides itself on being a company that maintains close contact with customers and business partners alike.

The legal landscape for online gambling in Europe is changing quickly, and nowhere are the changes more dramatic than in two of Europe's largest markets -- France and the U.K.

Boris Chaykin has played a major role in making into one of Eastern Europe's most popular all-in-one gaming platforms.

Staying true to that mantra, "buyonaut" spends most of his time working on sports betting sites.
Topic: Sportsbook

Mecan's sites are primarily focused on the German and Belgian markets, and he says he's learned that Germans will accept a lower bonus and slightly lower odds if they can be sure about their money by playing on established, trusted brands.
Topic: Sportsbook

One of the most well-known and respected webmasters in the industry, Dominique says forums are "invaluable for learning the trade, staying up to date and forming relationships." No wonder she spends so much time at the GPWA!
Topic: Sportsbook

Benjamin says immediate support is the key to building successful relationships with affiliates and strives to find resolutions to issues affiliates bring up in less than 24 hours.

In the online gambling industry, a decade is practically a lifetime. As the calendar turns from the aughts to the teens, we look back at the previous decade and see an era marked by rapid growth, market- and industry-altering earthquakes, arrests, trials, recession, and new and emerging growth areas.

For affiliates, the name of the game is converting leads into sales, so keeping abreast of operator promotions could give you a leg up on the competition.

Webmaster News: Kaplan sentenced to 51 months in prison
BetOnSports founder Gary Kaplan was sentenced to 51 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to violate the RICO statute, conspiring to violate the Wire Wager Act and violating the Wire Wager Act.

Webmaster News: BetOnSports founder reaches plea deal
Gary Kaplan agreed to a plea deal and will be sentenced to between 41 and 51 months in prison and forfeit $43.65 million.

Affiliate Interview: Meet the man behind the mask
Richard Wright, known as "QwertyCasino" on the GPWA forums, says he joined the GPWA because he wanted the seal of approval on his sites. "It was only when I looked into it a bit further that I discovered how bloody helpful it was," he says.

Imre Szücs operates sports betting affiliate sites from his home base in Transylvania. "(Vampires are) good for tourists but natives don't really care about it," he says.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown: Reghin, Romania Living In: Romania

BetPartners says the hardest part about moderating forums is all the spam.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Mgarr, Malta

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has made a name for itself with a wide variety of betting offerings and highly original marketing stunts.

Simon of EarnReal discusses why independent racebooks are better than ones attached to sportsbooks, how to market around major sporting events and what's different about EarnReal's statistics reporting package.

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites.

Andy says he's always redesigning, tweaking and testing his site, and is doing his best to learn SEO.

Kirk says the keys to success as an affiliate are to have a marketing plan in place, produce quality content and update your site regularly, and be willing to spend money to make money.

She gets to work at home, doesn't have to get up early, has no bosses or managers, gets to own her own business, earns good money and takes days off whenever she wants. Sounds like a dream job to us!
Living In: Minsk, Belarus

Fred Done got his start running bets for his father at just eight years old. Now, as the owner of BetFred, he's operating one of the largest and most successful online sportsbooks in the world.
Topic: Sportsbook