Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Milan Novakovic, CEO of Hirequarters, provides essential strategies for writers to balance technical accuracy, legal compliance, and engaging storytelling to effectively inform and protect players.

iGaming industry veteran Connie Burstin breaks down the strategies and tactics that top affiliate managers use to create trust, communicate effectively, and maximize their program's performance.

Ditch the "get rich quick" schemes and embrace these five strategies that will help propel your iGaming affiliate business toward champion status.

Much like the dating game, cultivating affiliate relationships in the world of iGaming requires several crucial steps in order to be a long-term success for both parties.

iGaming affiliate marketing expert Samantha Asensi shares targeted approaches for breaking into this rapidly expanding market.

Erica Anderson from Income Access explores the challenges and evolving landscape of U.S. online gambling and how affiliates can take advantage.

While online casinos are a proven revenue driver, there is a remarkable dearth of quality content. Matthew Showell from Snap Call Media explains how affiliates can tap into this market.

Actionable tips and advice on how business intelligence tools can increase traffic, boost conversions, and grow your affiliate revenue.

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an essential tool for affiliate marketers, but there are still limitations as to how much it can help with producing consistent quality content.

As the calendar turns to a new year, Lee-Ann Johnstone looks into her crystal ball and predicts what to expect in the coming months and how the iGaming industry should respond.

As the world continues to shift and digitalization proliferates as a result of the pandemic, the importance of developing communities for affiliates and operators is more important than ever.

The fickle nature of the iGaming industry makes it vital for sports betting affiliates and operators to think forward.

We all have an undeniable intrinsic loyalty to how we expect our affiliate business to turn out. However, putting all your eggs into one basket can be dangerous and, thus, developing a Plan B is vitally important.

Lee-Ann Johnstone provides 10 questions that all affiliates should be prepared to ask before beginning a new partnership.

Andrew Heaford of explains that affiliates need to have a strategic plan in place before expanding to a new market or vertical.

From the decision by Twitch to ban the promotion of online gambling to new markets opening up with the cumbersome player restrictions, the road to success and profitability is proving to be more difficult.

An unimaginable pandemic has prompted formerly reluctant jurisdictions to dip their toes in the iGaming pool, which has created prime opportunities for both affiliates and operators.

As the world adjusts to a "new normal" in the wake of the pandemic, changes in player habits and behavior could lead affiliates into a new era of multi-channel opportunities.

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The rapidly growing eSports industry gives affiliates an opportunity to reach new audiences and tap into new revenue sources.

Viewership numbers for women's sporting events are up, as evidenced by the huge numbers seen during last year's Women's World Cup. The amount bet on women's sporting events is much lower, in part because there is less information available to potential punters.

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From creating apps and games to producing event-based content, there are plenty of low-cost ways for affiliates to boost their traffic.

The online gambling industry is constantly changing, and affiliates must stay up to date with the latest trends in order to compete, both today and in the future.

Affiliates have traditionally focused on acquiring new customers, rather than retaining the ones making them money. A shift in focus to player retention could aid an affiliate's bottom line.

Affiliates who can demonstrate knowledge of the mobile app industry will better position themselves for strong partnerships as the industry matures.

Tracking revenue and understanding tax implications can take affiliate businesses to the next level.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can do wonders for an affiliate's traffic.

Google has come down hard lately on websites it deems spammy, so affiliates may need to update their websites to stay clear of penalties.

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The U.K. bingo market is competitive, but affiliates can still make their sites stand out and succeed.

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GPWA forum members discuss how much time affiliates ought to be spending on social media.

A slow loading time can cause visitors to lose patience with your site before they ever see what's on it. Affiliates should do all they can to ensure their pages load quickly.

Mobile is becoming more popular, but for affiliates to be successful in this market, they need to know how to make mobile gaming as convenient for players as possible.

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The bingo market differs from other online gaming markets, but it has a lot of potential for cultivating loyal, frequent players.

Here are some tips on how to overcome gaps in the conversion process so you can always be closing, as they say in real estate.

Affiliates should have a good content management system and know how to use it effectively.

The "rules" of SEO can change rapidly, so it's importance for affiliates not to rely on gimmicks that may soon become outdated.

Negotiating with an affiliate manager can be tricky, but these do's and don'ts can help affiliates avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Creative promotions can help affiliates engage their audiences and target growing market segments such as mobile gaming.

Here's what to do if Google issues a claim that your site has unnatural links.

An online community no longer strictly means forums, so making some revenue from it requires different techniques than it once did.

Affiliates need to know how to gain the top spots on Google's SERPS--without being mistaken for spam.

2012 is going to be a big year for soccer, so affiliates should know which events to target and how.

Black Friday has changed the landscape of working with poker affiliate programs. Here's how to navigate it.

Advice for overcoming some of the mental roadblocks affiliates run up against when developing their SEO strategy.

Sinead has tips for sportsbook affiliates on how to choose your bookies, promote them effectively and make your site rise above the competition.

Black Friday hit many poker affiliates hard, but there are things you can do to protect your brand and your revenue stream.

Panda is Google's answer to the tragedy of the SEO commons, and affiliates will need to change their tactics to compete under the new rules.

Tracking marketing statistics is important, but it can be difficult to find industry-wide data.

Some of the common sources of tension between affiliates and affiliate managers can be kept in check by taking a few important steps.

Quantitative marketing data is more available than ever, and affiliates need to know how to use it to become more effective marketers.

Black Friday created likely permanent changes in the U.S. online poker market, but there are still opportunities out there for U.S. poker affiliates.

Unlinked brand citations appear to have no impact in search rankings under Google's current algorithms. Affiliates need to be more creative to use Twitter to improve SEO.

Annual or biennial events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, can be excellent opportunities for affiliates to convert new sports bettors -- if they implement a smart marketing strategy.

With "copyright troll" firm Righthaven starting lawsuits against webmasters who repost content, affiliates need to make sure their use of other people's articles follows copyright laws and industry best practices.

Affiliates need more than cute graphics to build an online poker community in a competitive market.

Social media can help operators and affiliates with acquisition, retention and brand management. Adam van Vlaardingen gives affiliates some strategies to utilize social media platforms to help achieve their business goals.

As Internet marketers continue to go social, community building remains a hot topic, but launching an online poker forum will not create an immediate cash cow.

There are many paths to success for iGaming affiliates. Income Access' Erica Anderson offers 12 ways affiliates can create lucrative online businesses and weighs the pros and cons of each option.

As competition among poker affiliates intensifies, it's becoming increasingly difficult to fast-track your success as a poker affiliate. Jeremy Enke gets advice right from the horse's mouth, a cadre of knowledgeable poker affiliates who were willing to offer words of wisdom on how to succeed in the crowded market.

Gary Beal offers a list of ways webmasters can get top rankings in Google, including some black hat SEO techniques that he does not condone.

With projected growth for mobile search ad revenue, affiliates need to invest the time and money necessary to become mobile Web present and compliant.

For affiliates, the name of the game is converting leads into sales, so keeping abreast of operator promotions could give you a leg up on the competition.

The recent downswing in the global economy has taken its toll on the poker affiliate industry, but Jeremy Enke offers some advice on how poker affiliates can continue growing their businesses and increase monthly revenues during these difficult economic times.

Affiliates should use geographical targeting to compete with the money and resources behind corporate SEO and PPC.

The lead-up to the annual World Series of Poker is a great chance for poker affiliates to cash in on converting new players looking for satellites.

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The most successful affiliates all draw from the same pool of marketing strategies.

Effective international marketing has to adapt not just to local language, but to local culture, feel and marketing norms.

Google AdWords can be a great tool for affiliates, but for best results, it's important to watch out for a few caveats.

Breaking into the poker market is a competitive endeavor, so affiliates need to play smart.

Shopping around for the affiliate programs that meet your needs is an important part of developing profitable, reliable business relationships.

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Smart affiliates are taking advantage of the boom in online poker in eastern Europe, Germany, the Nordic regions and Russia.