GPWA Times Magazine Issue 6 at a Glance

2008 GPWA superlatives
Rebecca recognizes several affiliates in a high-school-yearbook-inspired way. »

Casino Chronicles: Using "Places I've Played" for fun and profit
This Facebook application lets players track and share where they've played, providing a wealth of user-generated content for affiliate marketers to use. »

Poker cleansing
Catania Consulting dishes on the probe it conducted on behalf of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to vet UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. »

13 brands, 15 languages, and more of both on the way
EuroPartners deliberately eschews brand consistency in favor of targeting markets in a specific, customized manner. »

A day in the life of an affiliate manager
Time management is vital for affiliate managers. »

Shop 'til you drop
Shopping around for the affiliate programs that meet your needs is an important part of developing profitable, reliable business relationships. »
Affiliate Interviews

Bill discusses working in a genetics lab, how he got into the investment game and playing slots as a kid when the adults weren't looking. »

Heather talks about being an industry old-timer, the effects of the UIGEA and her attempts to develop a payment processing solution. »

Kolbein discusses why he works with Norwegian rather than Spanish markets, why he's fine with using English-language banners on Norwegian sites and why he doesn't go to the beach very often. »

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites. »
From the Forums
If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?
GPWA forum members give advice to a newbie affiliate. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Margaret of PKR Affiliates discusses marketing in 10 languages, why the PKR staff is so friendly and why she wants to be Rebecca Ligero. »

Evgeny of Betfair Partnerships discusses how their betting exchange works, some upcoming branding ideas and his experience as a phone bookie for Ladbrokes. »

Martyn of Red Returns discusses his business relationship with Kate Garber, how he builds trust with affiliates and why he wants to be Michael Corfman. »

Simon of EarnReal discusses why independent racebooks are better than ones attached to sportsbooks, how to market around major sporting events and what's different about EarnReal's statistics reporting package. »

Rose of LottoElite talks about running a lottery-based affiliate program, why lotto is a lucrative opportunity for U.S. affiliates and LottoElite's upcoming products. »
Seal of Approval
GPWA seal program reaches 550 sites, 42 countries
GPWA program manager Steve Corfman says, "This milestone provides an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments achievable when integrity is placed at the center of our work." »
Webmaster News
California online poker closer to reality
A bill legalizing and regulating online poker has been sent to the California State Senate Appropriations Committee. »
Ivobank offering online services
Ivobank is an FSA-authorized, regulated independent bank that offers services to online gaming businesses and customers. »
The GPWA sits down with Congressman Wexler and PPA chairman D'Amato
Rep. Wexler and D'Amato are working together to get the UIGEA overturned. »
Issue 6