GPWA Times Magazine Issue 8 at a Glance

Welcome to the world of VIPs
Rebecca shows off how much fun she has with her friends -- and talks about how you can become her friend, too. »

And the survey says...
The most successful affiliates all draw from the same pool of marketing strategies. »

The GPWA conference: Intimate, informative and productive
The first ever GPWA conference in the Stratosphere tower was by all accounts a success. »

Expanding internationally? Don't take any shortcuts.
Effective international marketing has to adapt not just to local language, but to local culture, feel and marketing norms. »

Banking hard on 3D casinos
The newest development in online gaming seeks to recreate the land-based casino experience with use of a Sims-like immersive environment. »

Top 10 things to look for in an affiliate program
Affiliate Guard Dog recommends a few key factors to watch out for when evaluating whether you should join an affiliate program. »

The benefits of blogging for poker affiliates
Blogging can help affiliates develop authority, exposure and a personal brand. »

PPC Strategies for Affiliates
Google AdWords can be a great tool for affiliates, but for best results, it's important to watch out for a few caveats. »

Living in a fantasy: A closer look at the UIGEA's fantasy sports exemption
The UIGEA curiously exempted fantasy sports, which strangely did not attract much industry from the gambling community. »

Obama brings hope, but the UIGEA is here to stay for now
President Barack Obama can halt pending anti-online gambling regulations from being implemented, but there's not much he can do about the UIGEA. »
Affiliate Interviews

Robert Medl discusses being a jack-of-all-online-trades, the difficulties of tracking individual player behavior and the difficulty of finding pinball machines these days. »

Kathleen talks about her username and her site's name, why she went the forum route and her experience surviving a horrific car crash. »

Antoine talks about why he doesn't drink, why he likes to keep his site small and why he thinks he might be in the wrong business. »

Paul discusses teaming up with other rakeback sites, how he got his nickname and whether he really let the air out of an MP's tires. »
From the Forums
Time to end this free spin nonsense
GPWA forum members discuss problems with misleading free play promos. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Dina discusses what makes Luck3 Casino different, how her program converts players and how she builds trust with affiliates. »

Kate discusses why Pitbull went with Flash-based casinos, helping affiliates localize their marketing efforts and all the places she's lived. »

Sami talks about using Rival software, taking a conservative approach with statistics and the challenges facing the industry. »
APCW Wall of Shame
The Danish member of the European Parliament and the Anglican Church have both come out against online gaming for reasons that seem to have more to do with protecting their own ability to profit off the land-based kind than anything else.»
Seal of Approval
GPWA seal assures integrity in 10 languages
The most recently added languages are Croatian, French, Dutch, Greek and Japanese. »
Webmaster News
Church of England, British MPs urge Google to stop online gambling ads
While the Church has criticized Google's timing in the wake of the economic downturn, the search engine giant insists that it is following all industry best practices and that the ads can be filtered out with safe search. »
Kentucky appeals court blocks seizure of online gambling domains
Kentucky courts have been split on whether the domains can be considered machines created for the purpose of gambling. »
Court says is not gambling
The legal decision rested on the principle that since the bets were "honor-based" and not binding, they did not constitute real gambling. »
Issue 8